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Thursday, June 2, 2016

06/02/2016 - THE VULCAN REPORT Review of # BITCOIN

Review of # BITCOIN (# BITCOIN)
as of Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today's Price Action

Change   12.3400 (2.35%) prices closed higher than they opened.  with strong Bids going into the close.

  PulseScan Swing Vix

PulseScan:     16.76
Swing Vix:     15.43

The Market Pulse is positive since it is trading above its zero signal line.The PulseScan crossed above the Swing Vix creating a UP Trend Channel as of    0 period(s) ago.This means that positive momentum has entered the market. Expect sideways to higher prices within the next 3-5 days

The Trend Channel is UP!  (i.e. "Positive Swing Vix") This means that positive momentum is entering the market. Expect sideways to higher prices within the next 3-5 days

The Swing Vix is not currently in a topping (above 39) or bottoming (below -39) range.  
A buy or sell signal is generated when the Swing Vix moves out of an overbought/oversold area.

*The last signal was a Over-Sold Buy 56 period(s) Ago.
The Swing Vix does not currently show any Failure Swings.The security price has set a new 14-period high while the Swing Vix has not.  This is a bearish divergence. Since the PulseScan leads the market 3-5 days out we will wait to see if downside pressure develops.
  *Since the last Swing Vix signal, # BITCOIN's price has been unchanged, and has ranged from a high of 546.8500 to a low of 519.9300.

     MARKET TREND - Currently the TREND is -The DownTrend is still entact with prices holding below trendline resistance at- 583.9400.

        TREND STRENGTH - ,


The close is currently Below it's PulseWave Cycle TRENDLINE RETRACEMENT. - 583.9400

The close is currently Above it's Long Term TRENDLINE RETRACEMENT. - 373.7923
The close is currently Above  it's Intermediate Term TRENDLINE RETRACEMENT. - 457.9315
The close is currently Above  it's Short Term TRENDLINE RETRACEMENT. - 462.7683

Today's Rally pushed prices on the close above the short term trendline support

SUPPORT 431.9610  

PulseWave BreakOut RESISTANCE - 471.9040
PulseWave BreakOut SUPPORT - 431.9610

On 6/1/2016, # BITCOIN closed   above the upper band by 13.3%.

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