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Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/4/2013 - Video – North Korea Displays Firepower While Australia Plans Evacuations Of 7000 Citizens As North Korea Prepares Nuclear Strike Against America

I hate war, whether that war is being waged by America against innocent children in Pakistan via drones or North Korea preparing to wage war against America, it is all wrong. Whether watching American servicemen getting their jollies blowing up kids or Kim Jong-Un and his kamikaze soldiers enjoying watching boats and planes getting blown up by missiles and rockets, I have to ask, don't grown men and women have anything better to do than destroy things? No wonder our planet is in such a mess; with leaders like Kim Jong-Un and Barack Obama dedicating SO MUCH money to weapons of mass destruction, isn't the only final possible outcome mass destruction?

AUSTRALIAN Defence officials are working on plans to evacuate thousands of Australians from South Korea, as Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister Bob Carr head to China tomorrow to urge Beijing to take stronger action against its close and unstable ally North Korea.

The measures were revealed today after North Korea, the rogue Communist nation, sent alarm across the region by announcing it was ready to launch a nuclear strike at the US.

The Korean crisis has prompted an immediate response from the United States where Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel labelled North Korea "a real and clear danger'' to the US.

North Korean army firepower display


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