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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4/17/2013 - Operation-Gladio-False-Flag-Terror


Published on Apr 17, 2013
Originally aired on BBC2 in 1992, Operation Gladio reveals Gladio, the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe. This BBC series is about a far-right secret army, operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO, which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups.

Known as stay-behinds these armies were given access to military equipment which was supposed to be used for sabotage after a Soviet invasion. Instead it was used in massacres across mainland Europe as part of a CIA Strategy of Tension. Gladio killing sprees in Belgium and Italy were carried out for the purpose of frightening the national political classes into adopting U.S.NWO policies. MI6 and the CIA are steeped in the occult just look at their history and their logos and these operations are continuing today around the world in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Norway, Denver.Boston etc. Did you know Aleister Crowley was a member of British Intelligence along with Ian Fleming and that their names were on the list of contacts Rudolf Hess had when he landed on Eaglesham Moor in Scotland. The plot thickens.

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