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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PROPHECY FULFILLED Jamie Foxx Calls Obama 'Our Lord And Savior' "Foxes i...

Published on Nov 26, 2012 by
11-26-12 Prophecies are being fulfilled at a RAPID RATE, A User had asked me if there was a way to show which ones were fulfilled, well God always will make away simply WATCH THE VIDEO LINK I placed in here and then read the scripture in it! GOD IS REAL AND IS CALLING HIS PEOPLE TO ACTION! Out of 60 Prophecies given me this year alone, 75% have been fulfilled and the other 25% are in the PROCESS of being fulfilled. God will ALWAYS get the Glory! I'm not going to concern myself with comments anymore, what you say here is between you and God, I'm going to FINISH THIS RACE and fulfill my Calling! Shalom, No Fear, No Turning Back! Jesus is Coming Back for us!
WATCH! "Foxes in the Desert" (watch for the Casino!)

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