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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Proof Depopulation Agenda - UN / Agenda 21 / Club of Rome

Published on Nov 6, 2012 by
Remember folks that its The Knights of Malta and The Equestrian order that founded The United Nations ! The Club of Rome was founded by a Venetian Roman
I have to add here something really important , its them who created all these problems in the first place , Aids , The Environmental Pollutions , Arms race , The Drug Gangs , The World Economy Crisis, Monsanto , Farmaceurical Industry , Nuclear Power , Oil , etc etc , They are behind it all and then i´m speaking of The Society of Jesus , papal bloodlines , Vatican Knighthoods , Royal Bloodlines & High level Freemasonry
They maintain an hegelian Dialectic agenda , that means Order out of Chaos , Problem Reaction Solution , that means that the BP oil spill was not an Accident !!!!! and there are many more examples , i know its sickening but hey if these are the facts we should face it.

Ever Heard of The Iron Mountain Report ?
Read it ! or watch it

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