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Friday, November 16, 2012

OKC Bombing: Cover Up in Oklahoma

Published on Nov 16, 2012 by
Cover-Up In Oklahoma uses eyewitness accounts, expert testimony and extensive 'live' local newscast footage to prove the 'truck bomb' scenario promoted by the government and the mainstream media does not fit the facts.

Links to informative and ground-breaking news articles and special reports by The New American magazine exposing the Clinton Administation's OKC Bombing cover-up:

The Truth Will Out
An attorney's decade-long search for justice in his brother's murder finally yields fruit—and breaks through a mass of lies and coverup the OKC bombing.

Terror, Lies & Memos
Recently uncovered FBI documents expose official lies and complicity in one of our nation's most deadly terror attacks

Oklahoma City -- A Decade Later
Before 9/11 there was Oklahoma City. Before the name of Osama bin Laden entered public discourse there was Timothy McVeigh.

OKC Legacy of Lies Lives On
THE NEW AMERICAN has been charging cover-up in the Oklahoma City bombing case for six years. Now some FBI agents close to that investigation are making similar charges.

We Will Not Forget
The McVeigh execution supposedly brings "closure" to those who survived or lost loved ones in the Oklahoma City bombing. But what those survivors and victims really want is justice.

Years Ahead on OKC Cover-Up
the Associated Press has recently reported some of the OKC bombing evidence The New American first brought to light many years earlier

Was OKC Bomber Timothy McVeigh Working for the FBI?

OKC Bombing: Exposing a Coverup
THE NEW AMERICAN has played a lead role in the ongoing efforts by independent investigators to get to the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing.

"We Want to Know the Truth"
A growing number of survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing are demanding answers to the charge of a government cover-up.

Every American's Tragedy

OKC Bombing Revisited

Al-Qaeda's OKC-9/11 Ties
Al-Qaeda ties to the OKC bombing were not mentioned in the state trial of Terry Nichols, yet evidence used by federal prosecutors in recent cases makes the ties obvious.

Terror Trail: WTC, OKC, 9-11

OKC Bombing: Precursor to 9-11?

Key Report on OKC Bombing

Cover-up in OKC
In trying to pin the blame for the bombing solely on despicable mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh, federal officials have ignored and covered up evidence of a wider conspiracy.

The Truth Is Still Out There

Rubber Stamp Report on OKC
The Oklahoma County Grand Jury disappointed many Americans in its ludicrous report on the FBI's handling of the OKC bombing.

OKC's Mideast Connection

Proof of Bombs and Cover-up
Eyewitness testimony and government communiqu├ęs confirm that unexploded bombs were discovered inside the Murrah Building after the OKC bombing.

Witness Floodgate Opening

Istook and the OKC Cover-up

Undercover: The Howe Revelations
As a confidential informant for the FBI and the ATF, Carol Howe gave the government sufficient advance warning about the Oklahoma City bombing.

ATF Informant Says Cover-Up

Evidence of Prior Knowledge

Prior Knowledge

Just the Beginning

Another Chance at OKC Justice?

OKC Investigator Under Attack

Defense Cites Mideast Connection

Waiting for Justice

Elohim, Terror, and Truth

Explosive Evidence of a Cover-Up
An intensive investigation by a top explosives expert has uncovered compelling evidence that demolition charges placed inside the Murrah Federal Building were responsible for its destruction and the resultant loss of innocent lives.

Multiple Blasts: More Evidence

Were There Two Explosions?

Red Flags From an Expert

OKC: More Truth Leaks Out

The Trail of John Doe No. 2

More Pieces to the OKC Puzzle

Battling Terrorism with Tyranny

A Post-Oklahoma Kristallnacht

The FBI's Pipe-Bomb Provocateurs

Radicalizing the Right

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