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Friday, November 9, 2012

alert earths jet stream could shut down in 5 weeks time.part 1 of 2

Published on Nov 9, 2012 by
If the recent happenings to planets within our solar system are anything to go on, then we could be experiencing shortly the same here on Earth. In this two part series i show you the southern jet stream on Jupiter that has disappeared, and according to the observer the southern belt on Jupiter disappeared over a period of two weeks. The southern belt was a jet stream similar to that of the Earth's only concentrated on the southern hemisphere, could this energy cloud NASA speaks of which we will enter the peak of in five weeks time, be the very thing that tipped weather patterns on Jupiter to the point of collapse and disappearance take place on Earth. If the jet stream on Earth disappears in the same manner as it has on Jupiter, then shortly after the jet stream disappearing so will the oceanic currents, as the atmosphere and the jet stream and the oceanic currents are all related and connected. It is common knowledge that if the jet stream disappears the GMST global means surface temperature will plummet rapidly, which could be the beginning of the next ice age, as there will be a reduction in cloud cover and the knock on effect of this is a reduction in the Earths GMST, as shown in both of these videos, this could be catastrophic in the event the energy cloud in which our solar system effects our earth as it has done likewise with Jupiter.

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