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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy 'FRANKENSTORM' Man-made using HAARP/Chemtrails & predict...

Published on Oct 27, 2012 by
Hurricane "Sandy" was predicted in 1997

 The Examiner reports:- "Hurricane Sandy Under Aerosol Geo-engineering by DHS to Modify Intensity" ... So Trolls can put that in their 'Conspiracy Theory Pipe' and smoke it! The Department of Homeland Security admit they used H.A.M.P. Weather Modification Technology on Sandy. They claim this was to mitigate it, not exacerbate it! 

 For all the People that dont think Weather can be created and controlled: YOU DIDNT GO to Science Class!!! REMEMBER when we used to BUILD Weather Projects: A Thunderstorm in an Aquarium is Easy! We did it in college: 1994. So, if I can build a Hurricane in a 20x20 aquarium, what makes you think the "Powers That Be" cant build one 1,000 Miles Across? Keesler Air Force Base: Hurricane Hunters.

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