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Monday, February 27, 2012

2/27/2012 - Worst Chemtrails This Year, Huge Black Beam

This morning I saw the worst chemtrails I've seen for months. I usually call them persistant contrails to avoid pointless arguments. I'm running out of patience with people who won't look at the sky. These are chemtrails whatever the cause.

For a few minutes this morning I also saw a huge black beam running East West.

I'll quote this gentleman to anyone who calls these beams shadows.

"u r talking bollocks, i saw this dark beam just appear ,no planes no clouds, it went as far as the eye could see, then a plane deliberatly, flew into it and puffed out whatever then the plane flew out of it, i could not have been any closer to it, it was just to the side of me, and only 4-500 feet above me, it was thick, solid, perfectly parallel, i am from WW2, i have worked outside all my life, i am constantly watching whether as rain would ruin my work, i spent 10 years plus water sports , constantly watching every cloud to gain a wind advantage, never was there any black beams, never these chemtrails, only in last 10 years or so. people like u ought to be hung from the gallows, pure cointelpro crap, and one day u will b held accountable, the people r not stupid, they are only commatoised, i have every faith that one day they will awaken, but it is hard work. this is for real people not fakes like you."

In some cases these lines could be shadows, but what are they falling onto? Like the gentleman quoted I've watched the sky for decades, ever since being caught in a sudden storm at sea in an overladen boat in 1979 I've been particularly attentive to any sign of weather change. I didn't see these black beams until recently.

This is one of the many youtube videos showing something similar to what I saw this morning.

Any comments?

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