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Monday, February 27, 2012


There are things about comets that NASA themselves have written articles about, that they don't behave themselves, follow expectation, perform mysteriously. In fact they seem to fit into the role of a capacitor, and are part of the strong evidence for the Electric Universe Theory. 

A capacitor is a device for storing electric charge. Comets are electric cosmic capacitors that gather and store energy as they pass through space. Comets are electromagnetically connected to the sun and planets by EM ropes (JPL, 2005). Extreme EM fields can cause earthquakes. Elenin’s line up position with the Earth and sun correlates Earth seismicity. This is what HAARP research is based upon. EM energy lubricates fault lines and can cause fault slippage. The reason Elenin is causing quakes when other comets do not is because Elenin has been in deep space a long time gathering electrons and storing energy for discharging to the sun at perigee...

The infrared signature for comet Elenin suggests the electrical charge Elenin is carrying is so large that when the comet dumps its capacitance, the resulting photon flare up will engulf the Earth as the Earth passes through the tail. The evidence is in Nasa’s google sky infrared image of Elenin. When Elenin was 14 AUs away on June 14, 2007, Nasa photographed the comet when they took the infrared image for google sky. The infrared image indicates Elenin’s infrared electrical signature is 17 million miles across with xray jets extending over 100 million miles from Elenin. Elenin will pass the Earth at 21 million miles. When Elenin flares and dumps its electron load (electricity) to the sun, the photon flash will be so great that it will instantly turn everything on the Earth’s surface into light. Don’t worry though. There is a lot more action before we evaporate....

See the waves of light propagating across the page from high to low frequency. The light appears polarized and includes all wavelengths. This is what ELE brings us, high intensity polarized light that is out of phase with our space-time dimension. The blue wave represents the light of all wavelengths in phase with the earth. The red wave represents light from ELE. The light from ELE is about 30 degrees out of phase as shown on the bill. Matter 30 degrees out of phase is not visible in our space-time dimension. Now lets take a look at the 50. ...

The French Franc Note 

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It appears that Elenin under infared is carrying quite a large EM electrical charge, and in the Electric Universe Theory, comets are capacitors, also NASA's own research has suggested as such concerning comets. This comet is carrying enough charge to create possible earthquakes in allignments, and it may do some serious damage to our electrical, or cause a surge via the sun in CME's, there is so much to consider regarding Elenin, and how its role could add to increasing frequency of earth changes, even to pole shift levels. Thanks to Benedict9 its name becomes 11/9, or 9/11, a code for this.
Comet Elenin is NOT Wormwood Binary Sun Dwarf Star--However Prepare for intensifying Earth Changes.

That it was put on a Franco note with a symbol that matched the orbit is notable.

Nikola Tesla and The Electric Universe

1/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

Everything that I'm going to report to you today are facts pertaining to comets are taken from NASA's own websites and publishes peer reviewed papers ... most of this is going to come from something called the deep impact mission.

2/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

3/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

4/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

5/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

6/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

supporting evidence here: 

 took notes on this video with NASA results.

1/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

1/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

---very interesting facts about comets that 99.9% dont know about.
NASA's been very good at keepign this under wraps, they have published the information but the mainstream press has completely ignored all of it. These findings from these comets call into question long standing theories about the history of the universe, the history of earth, even all of cosmology in general.

---Everything that I'm going to report to you today are facts pertaining to comets are taken from NASA's own websites and publishes peer reviewed papers ... most of this is going to come from something called the deep impact mission.

---What the deep impact mission was, is NASA sent out a satellite space probe out to a comet called Temple 1. That satellite got to the comet and released a little copper impacter. The satellite took pictures of the impact, teh spectrum of the come and the heat of the comet and details a scientist would want to get.

Facts about comets:

1. Impact was to energetic the rimary mission of photographing the impact crater could not be carried out.

Quoting a NASA scientist: "We didn't expect the success of one part of the mission (bright dust cloud) to affect a second part (seeing the resultant crater). but that is part of the fun of science, to meet with the unexpected."

What does this tell us? If comets are made of ice and water like is thought, if this is what gave the earth its oceans, then how/why would a copper impacter striking ice create such an energetic flash? We're talking huge. (he includes pics in the video). This blinded out sensors impact couldnt even be seen.

---Scientists had been speculating prior to the impact that it would be so small you wouldn't even be able to see it take place.

2. Impact generated finely divided dust.

---Something that should be impossible due to sublimation which means ice melting off the comet.

---The huge dust cloud....the dust was extremely fine almost like a powder. It was ionized. Ionized dust means it responds to magnetic fields. They couldn't figure out why this was the case. The standing theory of comets is you have this big ball of dirty ice, the sun heats it up and these dust particles just blow off from the melting of the comet, and they should be thick chunks of rock not fine talcum powder dust.

3. Photographs showed a rocky appearance.

---showed impact craters and no clearly defined ice. The pictures look exactly like astroids that have no water on them according to scientists.

4. No other comet nucleus has ever been observed to have ice on its surface.

---he gives examples, Deep Space 1 craft 2001, comet Borrelly "detected no frozen water on its surface."

and another, Comet Wild 2 (he includes photos of these)

---That is 3 comets in a row that we've visited with space crafts No Water. The most ice seen was Temple 1 and that was only 0.5% of the surface and thats debatable as well.

5. Massive changes in the spectrum of the comet's coma after impact.

---So, if the comets were a melting snowball, you would not expect any changes in the spectrum. But they found after the impact the spectrum changed radically.


6. Dust jets on the dark side of the comet.

---these are really plasma plumes. This is the side of the comet away from the sun, and this is the part of the comet that's discharing. That doesn't make any sense according to standard theory, how could something that's not being heated by direct sunlight in the vacuum be discharing these jets of supposed dust.

7. Not what we expected.

---Quote a NASA scientist here: "Since the visible images have a higher spacial resolution, we use those images to calculate the extent of ice on Tempel 1's surface. That turns out to be a small fraction of the surface, onl 0.5%."

"What is significant is that the extent of this ice on Tempel 1's surface is not sufficient to produce the observed abundance of water and its by-products in the comet's coma."

"Theories about the volatile layers (water ice) below the surface of the short-period comets are going to have to be revised"

"All we needed was a factor of three boost (in the instruments analyzing the impact for water ice) from the impact to get a definite detection," said Qi. "We didn't see that."

---They're saying that the impact didn't give water only dust picked up.

"Its' pretty clear that this event did not produce a gusher," said SWAS principal investigator Gary Melnick of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). "The more optimistic predictions for water output from the impact haven't materialized, at least not yet."

I think some really interesting Points where discovered from NASA's Deep Impact Mission, and their observations.

Think, capacitor. Their traditional views on comets went out the window. Comets aren't what they had thought.

 The orbits on the note is very interesting. And the rest of the information, you call nonsense in it is anything but. We live in an EU universe, and comets behave in ways that completely topple conventional theories NASA has released this information, but the mainstream media did not pick it up. This thread is about why comets don't need to be brown dwarfs, or huge, even get too close, to cause some problems for our planet. 

I think there is a lot of hype surrounding Elenin, even a movie made about this in the 90's. So nothing makes sense about it, because everything seems to be following some kind of script..... 

What I sense is the dates 10 11 11 or 10 11, like 9 11 is important to these gnostic lucifereans, in their ancient geometry and numerology/black magic. 

Because of that, things, noting ahead of time what they're doing and preparing to wake people up more is a good thing. 

Here we have a comet, that is a capacitor, NASA's own info shows what comets are like, that they knew about before hand, not just 2007, but scripted in a movie in the 90's, that they called 11/9, or 9/11. And it comes close to the earth around their 10 11 dates. I could see them forcing the countries economic collapse and disrupting the power, even if Elenin does nothing but put on a show, and hide behind it.

I find the behaviors of comets really interesting. I always sensed they carried loads of electricity. For example, the notes taken in their Deep Impact mission, showed that the fine dust that flew off, like talcum powder, it was so fine, affected magnetics, and it wasn't a dirty iceball. There was no ice that could be observed, but they rated it at 0.5%, and none on the other two comets observed. Thats really interesting.

Comets aren't dirty iceballs, they're something else altogether.

Aside from the points on this one, Elenin, the dates we need to worry about are the ones that keep coming up from this group of powerful, misguided bloodlines, 9/11 and 10/11. We need to be ready for something.

 I don't understand why people ignore new discoveries that conflict with previous theory...isn't that what science is all about? It seems more like gate-keeping and maintenance of status quo.

Notes on video 2 in the series. Again, this calls into question all beliefs of comets up until now, for again, they are not dirty ice balls, they are indistinguishable from meteors, made of rock, they emit X Rays, they did not deliver the primordial oceans to all those cosmic bodies with water/oceans.

2/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

---All the videos in the series, Comets-Not What We Expected have actual photos of the events. In video 2, near the beginning, in describing the impact of this 800 lb copper object, which compared to the comet itself was like a mosquito to a jet plane, and you couldn't see it. But it actually gave 2 flashes, one just prior to the impact itself, and the cloud. So there was a double flash.

Just before impact, there was a huge lightening like release between the impacter and the comet and then the impact itself. Flash then impact and huge Flash. This was unpredicted as well, according to standard models of comets.

---Another point on comets that most arent aware of, is that they glow, they emit XRAYs.

X Rays are created on earth by accelerating charged particles. They are created using electric fields.

If you look at a comet capable of seeing in the Xray spectrum, it is intense, it is glowing brightly with filamented tails, just a bright big ball of X Ray emmissions.

Again we're left with no explanation. He says the current theories of how X Rays are emitted from comets are a joke.

---He shows pics of asteroids and comets, and you can't tell the difference, they're all rocks.

(They couldn't have brought the primordial ocean to earth!)

---Everything we're being told is a lie. What Wiki says is a lie. Wiki moderated by these scientist that are paid off by government funds. They cannot question establishment science.

Also about the blog itself, its dramatic, really brought some questions up as well. And I did a search for this, or Elenin electric, capacitor, and went through a variety of threads on elenin. Saying its something else, of course, for there is bound to be ready explanations, all the things have this, I do want to bring up the two pictures from the article.

What does this mean? This arrangement points to a specific point in time. There is only one short period in time that our planets in our solar system line up in this configuration. This drawing signifies a specific date. To determine what date this drawing represents, I used the Jet Propulsion laboratories ELENIN ORBITAL DIAGRAM. This diagram shows the location of all our planets and comet ELENIN. If one uses the controls on the model and moves the model forward in time to 9/26/11, the following diagram results.....

Look at the position of each planet. Each planet matches the location of the same planet on the 10 Franc Bill. Mercury is in the same location. Venus matches the location on the bill. Mars is at the 12 o’clock position and matches the drawing. Jupiter is in the 2 o’clock position and matches the bill. I looked up the moon’s position on 9/26/11.

CONCLUSION: The drawing by Leonhard Euller constructed over 230 years ago signifies an event occurring on September 26, 2011 that is so significant that the date has been placed on currency and no one can be told about it. The only people who know are the descendants of the Illuminati who have placed these hints in perfect clear view to give their people the chance for survival. Still not satisfied? Do you still believe in staggering coincidence.

This is the new French 10 note. (I'm afraid it'll come out huge, but to look for the things in it it should be studied big) I flipped it 90 degrees. 

See the waves of light propagating across the page from high to low frequency. The light appears polarized and includes all wavelengths. This is what ELE brings us, high intensity polarized light that is out of phase with our space-time dimension. The blue wave represents the light of all wavelengths in phase with the earth. The red wave represents light from ELE. The light from ELE is about 30 degrees out of phase as shown on the bill. Matter 30 degrees out of phase is not visible in our space-time dimension. Only matter vibrating at the same frequency can occupy space in our perception of the universe.

Now look at the person in the window. This presents a person between worlds, not specifically in either one at this time.

Did you see the comet on this bill? I bet you overlooked it. It is very subtle. Look to the immediate left of the point where the light waves begin. There is an orange and yellow asteroid looking figure. The orange dots represent photons being emitted from the object. One is expanded into the light wave drawing to indicate what these dots represent. The light waves start close to the edge of the comet.

I find this very interesting. 

The article goes on to study the other notes, like a 50 one. 

A comparison of the currency in other countries would also be interesting. Things are often put right out in plain site. Most people would never think to seek for them. 

3/6 Comets - Not What We Expected

---The Elecric Comets
(from a presentation given at the 33rd International Conference on Plasma Sciences ICOPS meeting, in Michigan, by physcist Wallace Thornhill and historian David Talbott)

---"Comets are perhaps at once the most spectacular and the least well understood members of the solar system." M. Neugebauer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

---He goes on to discuss plasma cosmologists, inspired by Hannes Alven's work, and that electricity is the dominate force of the cosmos, so studying the currents and plasma discharge would be beneficial. I've seen videos where the tesla coil was turned on under water creating plasma. I can see why they're not big on revealing the truth about the universe, their hidden technology.

The more we have learned about comets, the more the discoveries support and electrical interpretation. Highly energetic and focused jets explode from comet's nuclei. The jets exhibit narrowly confined filamentary structures over great distances, defying the expected behavior of neatural gases in a vacuum. And the surfaces reveal sharply carved relief, exactly the opposite of what astronomers had predicted of these "dirty snowbalss,"....

Comets have unexpectedly high apparent coma temperaturs and are sufficiently energetic to emit extreme ultraviolet light and even x-rays. Water and ohter volatiles are in short supply or are completely absent on comet nuclei....And a surprising number of comets mysteriously explode (not melt) as the dart around the sun.

None of the newly discovered attributes of comets were expected by the standard model. But the recent findings are not surprises to the electrical theorists. They are the predictable behavior of an electric comet.

So I searched it and found this from teh
Then science took a wrong turn. Investment in a theory began to override critical attention to observation and to experimental testing of alternatives. Astronomers shunned Birkeland, whose work posed new and promising possibilities. Not until the latter half of the 20th century did innovative scientists again consider electrical explanations, concentrating their investigations in the fields of electrical engineering and plasma science, rather than astrophysics.

.... as when NASA inscribed the words of Fred Whipple, the originator of the ‘dirty snowball’ comet model, on a microchip carried by the Stardust spacecraft in 2004: “Today we know that comets are black and cold, consisting of ices and dust that coalesced from an interstellar cloud as it collapsed to form the solar system.” We know no such thing.

We have never observed an interstellar cloud collapsing to form a planetary system. And no gravitational accretion model has been able to explain the weird assortment of solar planets. Dusty rings and disks around stars have been discovered, but it is pure conjecture to call

Page 86:

them ‘gravitational accretion’ disks, since we also observe those stars ejecting matter in defiance of gravity.

Science took one theory, for whatever reason, relating to who the gatekeepers of the system are, and built its deck of cards on a theory, implying this is the only logical conclusion and treating this theory as fact. 

The unusual behavior of comets did not surprise the EU theorists as they were the exact behavior they expected to find. 

Except, those in the know, already are using this science themselves, and due to their scalar wave technology, I don't feel in the least bit safe. They can replicate what comets do themselves, and affect the entire planet, including its core, all the while hiding behind a pretense of a false theory, whitewashing themselves.

 The information in that very interesting article is food for thought. I already know what the world is like and who is running it.  And no, an error on my part over a french or swiss note, is irrelevant. I hope to see more interesting notes, currency, and what might be found on them, but not up that kind of research right now. 

All the pieces of the puzzle, fit together. That blog, reminded me of the electrical comets, and also the push lately again into the alternative energies, in my threads. There is a reason for these inner pushes, and I'm following the nudges. 

I think I was the one who noted the gnostic/luciferian leaders, thats what I put in, in my interpretations of what I've quoted. Thats adding my two bits.  

I've noted in many posts, that when information is put out with alot to think on, and trails to start to do far more research, skeptics like to try to pick on one point, they find an error with, throw all the rest out, by association, and slander it. Its all slight of hand stuff. 

In a long list of information that fits together, any one conclusion drawn by someone, that another doesnt agree with, does not even begin to touch base on the discussions. 

And the orbit trajectory matches with elenin's if turned, its very very telling.

There are questions that can be asked:

1. To skeptics or anyone in general who believes that the current theories presented as logical facts by current science: Do you still believe that comets are dirty iceballs despite the findings of NASA's own studies? Have you explored other models? Why are the findings that are so unexpected, exactly what EU theorists would have predicted to be found in comets?

Do you reassess and revalue your paradigms when presented with evidence that is contrary?

If the current theory on comets is invalid, and they're something else, and can be explained best by the EU theories, and if this fits with the scalar technology that Tesla himself, who set out to demonstrate the EU theory, and was a believer, then why is there current applications of Telsa's technology used today, such as HAARP, then WHY do you think we're being misled? What is the purpose behind continuing to mislead the public when they themselves have surely connected all the dots themselves?

Do you accept you're being misled?

2. In an EU universe, electrical comets can affect both planets and stars, do you wonder if we're being told all there is to the story?

3. Do you think there is nothing to question or see, despite murals on airport and banks walls, and the symbology that is all around us, including on bank notes? Do you include a wide search for all relating information, or narrow only to your accepted theories?

4. Do you accept the official story that Leo discovered this comet in 2010, roughly a decade after Leo discovers it in a movie, though with all the Infared equipment in space, they probably already saw this. Do you think it likely or unlikely that they already photographed this comet?

5. Do you think that currently, using the scalar technology that they would already have studied comets and be able to create their own effects that are similar?

6. Do you trust the ones managing the world? Do you see references in the media, news stories, and articles that seem like spin, concerning economic crash downs, and see possible connections between events and subjects discussed from NASA to Fox News?

I ask these things because I question often how or why they focus on the wrong questions, and pretend to not understand the questions articles bring up.

I don't know or trust even, the ones compiling that info. Its just as possible they used their own scalar waves to create an earthquake and blame it on a comet. This thread is not about saying ELENIN did it, or will do it, its a look at some questions about comets, especially looking at Elenin, their potential within an EU universe as they carry EM loads, electrical loads like a capicator. I read some very controversial things relating to the supposed doctor who published the links between elenin allignments and earthquakes. But I can't find the article on the other forum, there was a video that really debunked him and his claim to the royal throne of Hungary. Can a comet cause an earthquake, if it had a huge charge? Probably. Did Elenin? Don't know.

I found something:

This is why Elenin is a big concern for me. Its being hyped up, by bloodline related folk, even put on a bank note.

If somethings start to happen in October and get blamed on Elenin, I would be telling everyone that it was a cover story, a false flag operation, for their own technology. I do believe all this hype and the dates involved, lead to something being planned in those months. Stalking up on food, water, and alternative energy, ie. solar panels to jump start a electromagnetic generator, that keeps on running might be good. But if you want, stick with solar and wind. Parabolic mirrors and sterling engines.

China has a few interesting things put out every now and then:

With that being said, I'm still going to look at a long range of ideas concerning Elenin, under the EU theory only though. Its worth examining as possibilities.

Since James McCanney was mentioned, this should be brought up before any doom ones then. 

Electric Universe - Solar Capacitor -Part 1

Electric Universe - Solar Capacitor - James McCanney Part II

Planet X - Solar Flares -Energy 1

Coast to Coast, George Noory interviewing James McCanney

Jim McCanney ~ What's Going To Happen On 09-26-2011 With Comet Elenin?

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