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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/2012 - Current Events

Current Events 

Daily Updates from Howard Ratcliffe. If you want to know what’s going on in this crazy world and tired of the BS the mainstream news media and the elite are feeding you then welcome to Project Dark Book. Here we show you the occult communication that exists in the media and entertainment industry and how it shapes our very world. The end times are the NOW times or NWO or OWN…. it all leads to the same grand plan. Don’t get caught up into their web of lies. For a deeper look into the meaning of February, look below the current events.

Iran War Update: 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution Feb 1-11. Est. 50,000 troops from Iraq still await orders. 50,000 US Air Force, Navy and Marines deploying to Socotra Island. off the Yemen Coast (wonder why Yemen puts up with Drone strikes and troop deployments?); also the Nuclear Submarine Annapolis and Destroyer USS Momsen. France deploying the Charles de Gaulle, and US troops deployed to Camp Justice on Masirah Island off the coast of Oman just south of the Strait of Hormuz. All this, ahead of the arrival of the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (ironically scheduled to be decommissioned in 2013). The Nimitz-class supercarrier, USS Abraham Lincoln already at Strait of Hormuz, along with Nimitz-class supercarrier USS George H.W. Bush, Nimitz-class supercarrier USS Carl Vinson and Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier USS John Stennis. Also headed there is the Russian aircraft carrier group Admiral Kuznetsov and Britain’s newest radar missile ship HMS Daring.
February 2012
These sites offer membership via an 18 digit (3 groups of 6) number “Mark of the Beast”, under rule of 1 person with common Courts, Law and Banks. The common language used are Symbols. The Latin title for this covenant is “Pactum Singularis”. All sites proclaim Freedom of the individual and his/her Spirit. From who? God.
  • Art 21 proclaims the White Horse was released on 12/21/2009
  • Art 22 proclaims the Red Horse was released on 12/21/2010
  • Art 23 proclaims the Black Horse was released on 12/21/2011
  • Art 24 proclaims the Pale Horse will be released on 12/21/2012
  1. White Horse: Conquers with a Bow (Rev 6:1-2)
  2. Red Horse: Takes Peace from the Earth with a Sword (Rev 6:3-4)
  3. Black Horse: Uses a pair of Balances; the Oil and Wine are not hurt by this horseman (Rev 6:5-6)
  4. Pale Horse: Death is his name and Hell follows. Hunger and the Sword (Decapitation) are his weapons (Rev 6:7-8)
Are you part of the Oil and Wine? In other words: Are you anointed (Oil) by the Blood (Wine) of Jesus Christ? Only 1 way to find out. ASK HIM!
How long do you have? “…heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together…” Rev 6:14
  • Purim: 13 Adar “Crush, Bring to Naught, Destroy; Draw lots for Marduk”
  • Purim 1991, the 100 Hour War aka Highway of death slaughter; a 48 hr ultimatum to Saddam Hussein over Purim ended Gulf War I with the death of 150,000 Iraqi’s under White Flag.
  • Purim 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre at the Mosque of Abraham in Hebron by Baruch Goldstein; can’t get a more Jewish name than that eh? This particular Purim was also coincident with Ramadan. Goldstein was anything but Jewish; a patsy used by Meir Kahane, founder of the Kach Movement “This is the way”. Killing Palestinians and blaming Jews for it is not the way. Jesus is Jewish; He says Love God; Love our Neighbor; Purim is Vengeance and no its not Jewish.
  • Purim 2003 “Shock and Awe”: Shekinah means “Presence of the Deity” (Queen of Heaven) in Kaballah, symbolized by the Lightning Bolt; Tomahawk Cruise Missiles rain down on Baghdad after Saddam Hussein, a Carlyle Group investor and Baathist (means Renaissance or Re-Birth) Sunni Muslim who believes himself a re-incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar is falsely accused of involvement with 9/11, al-Qaeda and of using WMD’s.
  • Purim 2008 Sichuan China was hit with a 7.8 Scalar EM caused Earthquake; NPR pre-positioned reporters in position in the remote area; nice planning eh?
  • Purim 2010 Concepcion Chile is hit with an 8.8 Scalar EM caused Earthquake; Concepcion has a Twin City “Bethlehem” What? Didn’t think we would notice?
  • Purim 2011 Libya War begins with 160 Tomahawk Cruise missiles raining down on Tripoli; Congress recessed just before the attack and has still not authorized the war; the Central Bank of Benghazi is set up in the first 2 weeks; Qadaffi, a Shia Ismaeli of Berber descent cooperating with the Shia “Twelver” plan to reveal the occulted Imam “al-Mahdi”.
  • Purim 2012 March 7-8, 2012 On Mar 8 the FBI intends to shut down Rogue DNS Servers corrupted with DNSChanger Trojan. Calling these “Rogue” is a familiar term to “Rogue” dictators like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qadaffi, Hosni Mubarak, Bashar al-Assad, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What they all have in common is a partnership with the US Government.
  • Mar 20 “Nowruz” Iranian “New Year”: Greece will likely default on a 14.3B Euro payment Mar 20, coincident with Iran (Iran means Aryan “Noble Caste”) trading oil in currencies apart from the US $. Article 23 “Covenant of One Heaven” claims the Black Horse rode 12/21/2011; this horse brings worldwide economic collapse. Nowruz celebrates the Persian Peacock King “Melek-Taus”. The brass idols “Sanjaks” have the same name as the idol worshiped by the Gnostic/Satanic “Yezidis” in the early years of Christianity.
In 2007 Gen. Wes Clark said the 5 year plan was to invade 7 nations in 5 years; Iran in 2012. Star Trek had a 5 year mission. The USS Enterprise is scheduled to transit the Straits of Hormuz at or near Purim 2012; Coincidence? The Enterprise finished its last Exercise on Valentine’s Day simulating a Theocracy “Garnet” invading its neighbor across a 40 mile strait.
In 2007 Sarah Palin proclaimed Prince Hall Freemason Week and wrote (Ghost Wrote) her book Going Rogue wearing a Garnet colored coat; Edom=Red. Barack Obama is a Prince Hall Freemason. Pretty hard to figure this out eh?
Costa Concordia (In Agreement with Constantine) with 13 decks named after EU Nations (EU founded by the Club of Rome) sank on 1/13; it may seem strange but above the Chair of St Peter attendants carry Peacock Feathers; below the chair an inscription “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet” Babylon means Gate of On, El, Allah or Ilu the Akkadian word for Lord aka Melek. “no God but God” eliminates Jesus Christ as God in Flesh and with Him the Holy Ghost. Why? The Roman Pope fills the role of Vicar of Christ because to him, Jesus died on the Tree (Cross) Constantine, the 1st Roman Pope used the X as the symbil of “In Hoc Signo Vinces” (By this sign conquer). X the 24th letter is matched by Art 24 “Covenant of One Heaven” which declares the Pale Horse rides on 12/21/2012 aka on the Venus calendar.
02/27/2012Ishmael: A 1500 year old Aramaic manuscript in Turkey was just released stating Jesus denied His Divinity, being the Messiah, denied the Trinity and His Crucifixion; it states Jesus prophesied the coming of Muhammad and states the real Messiah whether he or she will be Ishmaelite. Sorry if this is offensive but that’s nothing but Pale Horse Shit. The question is why now?
Ismaelis are not Muslim anymore than
  • Kabbalists
  • Talmudic Rabbis
  • Noahide Laws
are Jewish or
  • Freemasons
  • Jesuits
  • Unitarians
are Christian. Gen 16:12 tells us Ishmael is a wild man with his hand against everyone and everyone against him who dwells among all his brethren. Abram’s 1st born of Hagar “Hagarenes” had daughters who married Edomites (Esau) and Jacob’s son Joseph whose first born Ephraim is represented by the Mormon Church (an obvious lie, but the reason Mitt Romney is running for US President).
Ismaelis are missing the “h” in Ishmael; notice in Rev 7 Juda (KJV) is also missing the “h” because Jesus has it with Him in heaven; it means
God is with me
if you want it ask Him. Notice also Ephraim is not listed as being “Saved”. God is not with an Ismaili anymore than He is with a high level
  • Jesuit
  • Freemason
  • Mormon Melchisedek (Jesus is Melchisedek) Priest
  • Wiccan
they have declared their “Sovereignty” from God formally.
Gnostics created the Muslim religion in 632AD, Allah being the Assyrian moon-god “Sin”. Sunnis venerate Muhammad as a Quyrash ie descended of the rival priesthood of Moses and Aaron under Korah; they venerate King Abdullah whom Obama bowed to in June 2009 because he has submitted to Sin; Islam means
One who submits
Shias split from Sunnis by 700AD and in turn, by 1000AD had split into “Twelvers” such a those in Iran (Persia) seeking the return of “al-Mahdi”, the 12th occulted Imam and Nizari “Assassins” who venerate Aga Khan IV.
  • Freemasons poach lone “Sheep” from Protestant Churches
  • Jesuits from Catholic Churches
  • Ismaelis from Sunni and Shia Mosques
all 3 are initiated Secret Societies designed to make “Bricks” for the Tower of Babel (Gate of El, Allah, Osiris, Marduk). Jesus describes these initiates as
  • Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes
  • Synagogue of Satan
  • Double Minded Men
They become Trojan Horses within
  • Universities
  • Governments
  • Courts
  • Congregations
etc. functioning as
  • Shepherds
  • Guides
  • Mentors
etc. Controlling both sides of conflict “Dialectic” results in inevitable failure; a rigged game called a “Sting” in which blame is laid on a suitable “Scapegoat”. The Korahite Priesthood replaced “Scapegoat” with “Azazel” in Lev 16:8 as an “Alternative” to God’s plan; an Alternative Messiah scripture refers to as Antichrist. Why an Ishmaelite Messiah? Birthright to Abraham’s inheritance.
Lord of the Calendar and Wisdom
was head of the Mesopotamian pantheon, venerated in Ur and Harran
City of the moon god
Sabaeans of Harran refer to people who leave their religion in secret to enter that of another in public; Ismailism having originated by Hassan-I Sabbah where Sabbah means “Sunrise” was born at Qom, Iran which is also the location Shia Twelver Imams receive training and legitimacy and not coincidentally where Iran is accused of enriching Uranium. Coincidence? No.
Ishmael was circumcised at 13 and died at 137, which is why 13 became the number associated with rebellion of Sodom (CeDom means Burn or Scorch a person’s soul) and Gomorrah in Gen 13:13 and the Beast rising from the Sea in Rev 13 to start the Great Tribulation; 13 is also the 6th Prime Number; 6 being the number of Man and 666 being the number of the Alternative Messiah, an Ishmaelite according to the Aramaic text claiming the title Sargon III “Legitimate King”. Why Aramaic? Aram was Shem’s 5th son; begins the Age of the 5th Sun on 12/21/2012. Following this yet?
137 is the 33rd Prime Number, referred to as the
DNA of Light
The “God Particle” aka “Graviton” will be revealed in 2012 according to CERN physicists attempting to prove “Gravity” holds the 13.7 Billion Light-Year Universe together with an energy level of 137TeV. Coincidence? No.
America’s role is to be the Scapegoat for Rev 18 “Babylon”; the last king of Babylon was Nabonidus, the father of Belshazzar who famously presided over Babylon’s last days as
appeared on the wall; their kingdom was weighed in the balances and divided as America will soon be. Sargon the Great claimed legitimacy in Babylon, his daughter serving as High Priestess of Sin, as the Vernal Equinox sun rose in Aries; Sargon III will claim legitimacy as the vernal equinox sun rises in Aquarius on the Persian (Iran=Aryan=Noble Caste) New Year. Nabonidus’ daughter served as High Priestess of Sin in Ur while his mother served as High Priestess of Sin in Harran; he built Tayma (Tema) in Arabia as the center of the moon god cult; the bible refers to Tayma as Mt Sinai; Sharia and Noahide Law are the Ismaelite replacements to God’s Law delivered to Moses in Mt Sinai. Making any sense yet? Ismaelism is not just corrupting Muslims; it’s corrupting Christians and Judaism; the Sunrise is called Hanukkah and Christmas. Christ = Messiah; Mass means sacrifice and distribution of the Scapegoat (Host). How can we be so duped? Sin (Moon) was the offspring of Ishtar (Venus) and Shamash (Sun); Shamash the offspring of the Creator of Wisdom and the Great Lady (Ningal) would up as the center candle on the Hanukkah Menorah.
Jesus issued 7 Church warnings to Turkey; is it any wonder a manuscript would surface now rejecting everything Jesus did?
Cyber: Most of us have no idea what it means but 33° Mason Jim Cameron sure did. In Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Cyberdyne Systems creates SkyNet, the game spin-off uses the phrase Cybernetic Dawn. Now do you know what Cyber means? Me either. Cyborg T-800 is upstaged by the Shape Shifting T-1000; ever wonder why the Iraq War is Operation New Dawn? or why John McCain, after attending the recent Cyber-security conference is proposing legislation expanding the Cyber-security Act of 2012? This legislation greatly expands the nearly unlimited authority of NDAA 2012 which allows the military authority to to arrest, incarcerate, torture, extraordinary rendition and pending legislation by dual Israeli citizen Carl Levin will strip citizenship of US Citizens. Now US CYBERCOM (Cyber Command) will have greatly expanded authority to spy on foreign as well as domestic “Terrorists”. Gen Keith Alexander runs both CYBERCOM and the NSA which is building its largest Cyber Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In 1984 Terminator introduced us to automated killer Drones; quite a shock eh? Now what does Cyber mean. Hint: T is the Ankh, Tau or Cross of Tammuz (Tam = Purify; Muz = Fire); 800 is Omega (Jesus’ title); 1000 is the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ. Cyber comes from Kybernetes; Kyber means
Steersman, Shepherd, Guide, Govern
The word means the
Art of Governing using Virtual Reality
Co-sponsors of the McCain bill are Jay Rockefeller and Joe Lieberman; big surprise eh?
Cyber and Kyber also come from “Khyber”; the Khyber Pass is the key strategic point on the Silk Road, deemed critical to the Mede/Persian King Darius I, Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn, Turks, Persians, Afghans and Sikhs. It’s also the strategic choke point for US-NATO supplies to Afghanistan, closed off since an October Drone attack in Islamabad. Catching on yet? It’s also on the Exodus route linking
  • SW China
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Armageddon
What could possibly cause 200 million people to make that journey west? Fukushima Radiation. Pair a massive radiation leak with a North/South Korean conflict and the stage is pretty well set. Does that mean we are approaching Rev 16:16, Rev 17
Rev 18
Babylon is fallen
and Rev 19:7, the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ? NO!!! Cyber means Shepherd or Guide using Virtual Reality. Remember the movie trilogy The Matrix?
  • Neo “The One”
  • Trinity
  • Zion
  • Nebuchadnezzar
  • Merovingian
  • Persephone
  • the nightclub “Hell”
  • the final battle
  • the Architect
Read Rev 6:8; the Pale Horse is Death and Hell follows. Like CYBERCOM, Death and Hell are capitalized because this is a spiritual battle we are in. Remember the
Strong Delusion
God allows that to happen at the start of the Great Tribulation. Now does Cyber make sense? Now can you see why Mormons claim Jesus’ Melchisedek Priesthood? why Mitt Romney is the likely Republican nominee? why Salt Lake is called “Zion” and why the NSA is building its largest Cyber Center there?
The NSA was created by
  • 33° Mason
  • Shriner
  • Jester
  • Pendergast Mafia
  • Atomic bomb murderer
Harry Truman, as was the CIA; on 9/11/2001 Gen Michael Hayden was in charge of the NSA; Knight of Malta George Tenet in charge of the CIA. 9/11 was a re-enactment of Samson’s destruction of the Philistine Temple of Dagan 3000 years ago; the numerology and symbolism of the event are pretty obvious, perhaps because the NSA is also managed by Gen Michael Aquino, the co-founder of the Church of Satan with Anton LaVey and current head of the Temple of Set. Today, Michael Hayden is Mitt Romney’s Terrorism and Intelligence advisor along with Rabbi Michael Chertoff of FEMA, HHS, and Full Body Naked Image and Backscatter X-Ray machine fame. His NSA replacement is Gen Keith Alexander a Bilderberg Mtg attendee in 2011. The Mtg Agenda:
  • PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) collapse
  • European Union collapse
  • Iran attack
  • Arab Spring in North Africa
  • US Dollar collapse
  • China Syndrome
  • Fukushima Radiation
  • E-Coli
  • Oil price inflation
On Mar 20, Greece will default on its 14.3 B Euro payment as Iran (Aryan = Noble Caste) celebrates Nowruz
New Light
Greece just changed its Constitution making Debt repayment the top priority; Greek Austerity will collapse the first “Domino”, followed by PIIGS and the EU (The EU was founded by the Club of Rome). Why do that? Mario Draghi is a Rothschild (Red Shield = Esau’s Family Crest) Banker (Bank = Bench; Judges sit behind the Bench) as is Italy’s Monti Mario. Strange name? Monte Mario is the highest of Rome’s 7 Hills known as Mons Vaticinus; Vatis = Divining; Can = Serpent ie Mount of the Divining Serpent. The Serpent represents Freedom and Liberty from God which occurs at Rev 6:14. So we have
  • Cyber
  • Serpent
  • Judgment defined
now who is the Guide/Shepherd? America is Amurru the Edomite Serpent and Shepherd god; Can means Divining Priest. This why America has the
  • HW Bush
  • Lincoln
  • Stennis
  • Vinson
  • Washington
Carrier Groups stationed along the path from Japan to Syria to Shepherd the Sheep to Slaughter. What about Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci lending their names to America? Those Black Nobility Venetian stooges, like Marco Polo who spent 17 years with Genghis Kahn’s grandson Kublai Kahn never discovered anything; Christ = Messiah; Taufr = Red in Norse language. Vespucci means Wasp.
Let’s face facts folks, the world has been Stung by Wasps and Bees (Bee means Word in Chaldee, in biblical reality Bee means Lie).
is a rigged game Bankers dreamed up with a pre-determined conclusion of Bankruptcy; we never get to see the Hidden Books, only the Debt. They have won the physical battle, so why fight it? They have lost the spiritual battle; since we are in physical bodies, why not let Jesus fight that?
Genghis Kahn united the Silk Road politically; his grandson Kublai Kahn positioned his capital at Karakorum; both were members of the Shakya Order, a clan founded by Gautama Buddha. The Kyber Pass Railway in WWI and the Karakorum Hwy after WWII was built for one purpose, to convey Sheep to slaughter in WWIII in order to fake Rev 16,17,18 and 19. The Roman Catholic Church is not
anymore than America is
So what Religion is
Shamanism and Witchcraft. What religion was Genghis Kahn? You guessed it Shamanism. Who mentored Genghis Kahn? Ong Kahn, a Nestorian. Nestorius the Patriarch of Constantinople proclaimed Jesus was not the Son of God, only an incarnation of the Logos. Oops! Constantinople is named after Constantine whose Chi-Rho symbol attempted to unite Paganism and Christianity. The symbol astrologically symbolizes the Sun rising through the X formed by the Ecliptic and Zodiac on 12/21/2012 aka Want out of the Cyber Matrix? Ask Jesus Christ. The world is not billions or millions of years old; it is 5996 years old and occultists know Jesus is returning when it is 6000 years old. Why? Because He said so (eg. 2 Pet 3:8-10); they tremble at His Word and we need to as well.
Mardi Gras=Fat Tuesday Shrove means “Impose Penance” Tuesday is Tiwas, Tiu or Tyr the pagan god of single combat called Mars; Ruby Tuesday? Mars is the angry red planet; Mars Hill aka “Areopagus” in Athens had inscriptions to the “UNKNOWN GOD” whom Paul said pagans worship ignorantly. Don’t make that mistake.
Carnival means “Absence of meat; Farewell Flesh; Whose Flesh? Jesus Christ of course. Lent means “Spring”; Spring what? The Sun. Stay with me folks, Easter is “First Light” on Sunday “Dies Solis” after the Full Moon following Spring Equinox; Sound like anything God ordained? Uh no. Lent is 40 days preparation for Easter (Ishtar), the Edomite (Edom means Red) Holy Day King Herod celebrated in Acts 12:4 has nothing to do with Passover, Unleavened Bread or First Fruits. June roughly coincides with the Babylonian month “Tammuz”; Lent was originally celebrated in Babylon, Assyria, Phoenicia, Egypt, India and elsewhere May-June; Lent was moved to early spring in order that Easter and Passover would become confused; similarly Tabernacles (15-22 Tishrei=Sept-Oct; Jesus was born on the 8th day of Feast of Tabernacles, not Christmas) was moved to the Solstice aka Christmas/Hanukkah. Quite a coup eh? Christians set up Groves, ornament them with Sacrifices, light their houses like Herod’s Temple on “Festival of Lights” within 2 months the fertility cycle begins again with Lent, a Rabbit Idol (Amammellech is the Rabbit) and colored eggs. Time for the nonsense to stop!
40 days comes from: 40 day of Flood rain; 40 days after Noah sighted land, he sent forth a dove and raven; Joseph mourned the death of Jacob 40 days; Moses was on Mt Sinai (in Arabia not Egypt) 40 days; Joshua spied Canaan 40 days; Goliath taunted Jews 40 days; Jonah warned Nineveh (Shem’s son Asshur built Nineveh, not Nimrod) of God’s judgment in 40 days; Ezekiel bore Judah’s iniquity 40 days and Jesus fasted 40 days before His “Single combat” with Satan; refer back to Tyr.
40 hours elapsed from Jesus’ death (9th Hour=3PM) on “Good Friday” to First Light Easter Sunday, right? Wrong. The Pharisees were offering First Fruits wearing their Phylacteries (calf skin cube shaped box with scriptures worn over their pineal gland “3rd Eye”) then; Jesus spent 3 days, 3 nights in the Sepulcher and was in Heaven by then. Lent and Easter is all about Tammuz, not Jesus. Why the masks?
Domini means Mask; Dom=Sun; Constantine proclaimed Sunday the Sabbath, not God. Esau was Jacob’s Twin; he obtains Dominion (Gen 27:40KJV) not Jacob. Jesus warned not to disfigure our faces when we fast; a Mask, Phylactery or Ashen T or Cross matters not; they are outward signs not inward ones. Why the forehead? Jesus seals His followers with a sign (not a visible one) in the forehead (Rev 7:3); the Mark of the Beast will be in the right hand or forehead as well, an outward sign of allegiance with the Alternative Messiah “Tammuz”.
Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Anglicans, Presbyterians and others will start Lent observance tomorrow, some with an ashen cross on their forehead; in Ur of the Chaldees it was a “T”. Why Ash? Job is the oldest book in scripture (likely written just before Moses wrote the 1st 5 books during his 40 days with God); Satan is allowed to torment Job with boils from head to toe and he lays down in ashes. At the 2nd Coming, Jesus purifies the world of sin with “Eyes of Flame” ie Fire; 3 1/2 years (1260 days; 42 months; Time, Times, dividing of Time) before that day comes Tammuz will do what his name suggests; Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire. When? Rev 8; Pale means “Ashen”, when this Horse rides Death arrives and Hell follows him. Let’s cut the crap and call him what Ezekiel did in Eze 8 “Tammuz”. If the western churches have it wrong, maybe eastern churches have it right?
Orthodox (Syrian, Armenian, Greek, Russian, Copt) Lent lasts 8 weeks. The liturgical benediction (or close to it; I’ve never heard nor will hear one) “May Christ our True God through intercession of his most pure Mother and the honorable and glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John…” Christ means “Messiah”; Christ can be anyone from the “ONE”, “al-Mahdi”, “Krishna”, “Buddha”, “Maitreya” etc. Jesus as Messiah carries the name JESUS, so this “Christ” is abit ambiguous. “Pure Mother” refers to Mary who recognized she needed her Son for remission of Sin. The Gnostic role of Mary is filled by a dozen deities such as Astarte, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Isis, Cybele etc. The Yarmulke is a veil of Cybele; the Zuchetti a veil of Mary because they don’t believe Jesus actually tore the veil leading to the Holy of Holies. Jesus is the only Priest of the Most High and access is through the Holy Ghost, rejecting the Holy Ghost is the only “Unforgivable Sin”. Why John the Baptist?
Essenes, Johnitters, Yezidis (Priests of Kurdistan), Cathars etc were preoccupied with water baptism simply because he baptized Jesus; like Mary, John realized he needed Jesus to purify his Sins with the Holy Ghost and we do too. We have come full circle to the days Jeremiah warned the House of Israel “Learn not the way of the heathen…” Jer 10:1-4 Want to be part of Israel? Start wrestling with God rather than Tammuz.
WWIII = Zionism Vs. Islam Gnostics use “Divide and Conquer” and “Dialectic” (Control opposing sides of conflict) in their “Great Work” of Freedom and Liberty from God. Which side should we choose? Neither. Zionism is not a Jewish or Christian concept; it is Man assuming the role of God. Jesus warned of “Nicolaitanes” (Nico=Conquer; Laitane=Laity) and the “Synagogue of Satan”; we call them Reverend, Rabbi, Master and Father today; none are necessary to access God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Constantine set the timing with a symbol called the “Chi-Rho”; the Sun rising through the X made by the Ecliptic and Zodiac; in other words Rev 13 begins on the Venus calendar date of, the Age of the 5th Sun symbolized by the Roman “V”, the Chevron used on Military uniforms. Veteran means “Beast of Burden”; Veterinarian is a doctor of animals; Chaplains convince both sides of the battlefield God is on their side. Make sense? Don’t enter the battlefield! Drop the sword and proclaim Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior. Simple eh?
Yeshiva, Seminary and Madrassa Schools are Gnostic “Sheep Pens”; well meaning Jews are herded into Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi (none descend from Shem ie they are not Semitic). Israel is mostly Ashkenazi (Ashkenaz is Japheth’s grandson) ie secular Zionists. Sephardics replaced Israel under Sargon II of Assyria; Amos 5-7 and 2 Kings 17:30 describe worship of the Six Pointed Star (Star of Molech), Easter (Rabbit Idol is Anammellech), Succoth-benoth (Booth’s of daughters ie incest; nice replacement for Jesus’ birthday on Tabernacles eh? A Grove full of sacrifices on Christmas). Mizrahi “Oriental” worship the rising sun in the East under various Eastern Religions. Sephardics are further divided into Haredi “Fearful”, Shas (Sephardic Torah Guardian), Hassidic “Kindness/Charity”; ultra-orthodox Legalists, Talmudists and Kabbalists.
Well meaning Christians are herded into dozens of camps; Roman Catholic, Byzantine “Orthodox” Copts, Syrian, Armenian, Aramaean, Assyrian, Greek, Russian etc. Anglican, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Unitarian etc
Muslims “One who submits” are herded into Sunni and Shia camps headed by a Sunni Caliph “Successor” or Shia Imam; over both are Ismailis, esoteric interpreters of the Quran such as Bahai or Druze. Sunni ritualism is paralleled by Catholic ritualism; Sunnis in most cases believe Allah is God just as Catholics believe the Pope holds the Key of Peter to Heaven; both are false. Jesus is God and He alone has the Key; it’s called the Holy Ghost and it’s Free for the asking!
Who are the Sheep Herders? Jesuits herd Catholics; Freemasons herd Protestants; Ismaelis herd Muslims; all are initiation based secret societies. Renaissance and Baath mean “Re-birth or Awakening”; Baathist Sunnis (Bashar Assad in Syria and Saddam Hussein in Iraq) function exactly as the “Black Nobility” did 500 years ago in Italy; Arab Spring is identical to the Protestant Reformation. For Sunnis, Wahhabist interpretations serve the same purpose; al-Qaeda being a creation of Ibh Sayyid Qutb (Qutb means World Tree; Qeada means Foundation). Think Martin Luther and John Calvin (Kohen) were God fearing Christians? Guess again.
Shia (Shiites) in Pakistan, India and Iran are further divided into Nizaris under Aga Khan IV (currently in Paris, likely soon to Pakistan) and “Twelvers” under the Ayathollah Ali Khameini in Iran (recall the Ayatollah Khomeini was also living in exile in Paris 33 years ago; they are 2 heads of the same Serpent). Bohras in India, the Tayyibis in Yemen or Qarmatis in Bahrain are also Shias who believe in the infallibility of Imams and Sharia “Revealed” Law as interpreted by infallible Imams saving a symbolic seat at the table for “al-Mahdi” (He who rises).
In a nutshell, this is why WWIII is planned from from multiple angles: Catholic/Jesuit, Protestant/Masonic, Sunni and Shia as well as the “Synagogue of Satan” in Israel flying the Six Pointed Star of Molech as their ensign. Their foot soldiers are “Knights” (Person in service to the Queen of Heaven), Jesuits (Militia of Zeus), Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Columbus or people you would least suspect like Sir Norman Schwartzkopf, shepherd of Gulf War I; Sir Charley Chaplin aka Israel Thornstein, the son of a French Gypsy Queen who became an early shepherd of Television and the inspiration for Adolph Hitler, the shepherd of WWII; Sir Paul McCartney praised Aleister Crowley “The Beast” at the start of the “Rock and Roll” era, given his start by 33° Mason Ed Sullivan. Hollywood means “Holy Wood”; the Tree Jesus was Nailed to. Adele “Good humor of French Nobility” won 6 Grammy’s next to Sir Paul; her most famous song “Chasing Pavements” is about making up our mind to Crucify God on the Pavement, both in reference to the Pharisee incited Crucifixion on the Pavement of Pontius Pilate and the Pavement of Bitumen (Organic ie Slime) mortar used in the Tower of Babel ie Secret Society initiations designed a a Gate of On, El, Allah ie an Alternative Messiah.
Jesus is waiting at the door, but He will not open it for you; we must open His “Gate” ourselves. Now would be a good time!
Bacchanalian Lupercalia aka Valentine’s Day. St Valentine presiding over marriages in Rome is as rediculous as St Denis preaching sermons using his severed head. Julius Caesar took a day from the last Roman month for July and Augustus takes one for August, leaving the Ides of February on the 14th. Valentinus is called the
Great unknown of Gnosticism
also a runner-up for Bishop of Rome in the 2nd Century. Luper means Wolf; the sort Jesus warned us about. Luperci “Priests of Lupercus” ran around Palatine Hill wearing the blood soaked skins of sacrificed Goats spanking women with Goat Skin thongs “Februa” in fertility rites; their names written on “Billets” taken out by men choosing un-married sex partners for the year. The familiar Valentine’s “Heart” has nothing to do with the human “Heart”, it is the “Gate of Sacred Copulation” in Valentinian Gnosticism.
Valentinus was born in Carthage, the Phoenician outpost which would later train St Augustine who was no Saint either; Valentinus adopted 7 Sacraments:
  • Baptism
  • Annointing
  • Eucharist
  • Priest Initiation
  • Last Rites
  • Redemption
  • Bridal Chamber
the latter symbolized by the “Heart” to symbolize 2 becoming 1, male becoming female (Gnostic Androgyny), inner as outer (referring to the outer and inner court of Solomon’s Temple) and above as below (referring to the Emerald Tablet of Thoth/Hermes).
Valentine’s Day is nothing but pre-spring passion and Catharsis (Discharge of pent up emotion) following child birth. Which child? Sol Invictus, born Dec 25th.
If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean 7 days…she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days… Lev 12:2-4
Lent “Spring” is 33+7 days
Weeping for Tammuz
the “Seed” is “Light” impregnating Ishtar (Easter)at first light on Dies Solis (Sunday). Valentinian Gnostic Priests recited
Let the seed of light descend into thy bridal chamber…
as they presided over the ensuing orgy. The origin of this nonsense? Origen of course, the spiritual father of the Society of Ormus aka Theraputae of Alexandria, Egypt where Valentinus was trained before traveling to Rome to run for the office of Bishop.
40 days Weeping for Tammuz
begins 2/22/12. February comes from “Februa” a menstrual blood soaked Goat Skin “Aegis” used by Gnostics, 6 weeks after child birth; Jesus? Hardly, “Sol Invictus”. In other words, the last Cross-Quarter Sabat leads to the first “Easter”. February is the 12th month for the “Eastern” world, not the 2nd; note the date again 2 and 12 separated by 22, the number of Hebrew letters in the alphabet, elemental paths to the “Crown” in kaballah and last chapter of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
23 =8 the first “Cube” represents the
Gate of the Covenant with God
illustrated by the Cube of the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple and the future New Jerusalem over 1000 years from now; Gnostics want New Jerusalem, NOW!
8 Souls saved in the Flood described in Gen 8, 8 days for Circumcision and 8 steps from the outer court to the Holy of Holies and 8 days for the Feast of Tabernacles (Jesus’ actual birth is Tabernacles, the 22nd day of the 7th month on the 8th day of Tabernacles not Christmas; 22/7 is an approximation of Pi which Gnostics refer to as Squaring a Circle) reinforce the spiritual nature of 8. In Gematria, JESUS is 888; Lord is 800 which is why the Russian made P-800 Onyx (Black Stone). The Onyx is also called the Yakhont, Siberian and Arabic “Yakut” means “Stranger”, also Foreigner or Vagabond, the epithets given Cain by God; Siberian Yakuts were the Dialectic “White Army” (White Guard, White Russian eg Cossacks) opposition to the Bolsheviks (Red Army) during the Russian Revolution. The connection between Russia, China, pagan Arabs and Iran being illustrated by the P-800 missile, the long range version of the SS-N-22 “Sunburn”, a 10,000lb, Mach 2+ weapon strictly designed to defeat the Aegis and Phalanx defensive systems aboard US navy ships, rendering all ships, both merchant or navy warships within a 90 mile radius for the Sunburn or 150 miles for the Onyx “Floating Coffins”. The only battlefield on earth these weapons could be used successfully is the Persian Gulf, home to the Society of Ormus and more specifically the 40 mile wide Straits of Hormuz where hundreds or perhaps thousands of Sunburn and Onyx missiles capable of being launched from 40ft mobile trucks, hardened launch sites called “Bastions”, small, fast ships or submarines are stationed; China, Russia, Iran, and Arabs all setting up the same scenario; Strange isn’t it?
Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities whereas truth is not. – Mark Twain
P (Rho) rises through the X (Chi) on 12/21/2012; the symbolic Crowning of the Solar Christ is symbolized by “Shekinah” (Presence of the Deity) passing through the X; level 5-6 on the Kaballah “Tree of Life”. What Deity? Read about the 5th-6th Trumpets starting with Rev 9:11; it isn’t pretty; just keep in mind, Satan is cast out of Heaven to Earth at roughly the midway through the Great Tribulation; there is compelling evidence that 42 month period may begin 12/21/2012.
Confucius said
The world runs on symbols not words nor laws.
P is the 16th English letter; Rev 16 describes 7 vials of God’s wrath poured out on a world that has rejected the Holy Ghost and JESUS (888) in favor of a Lord (800) called variously On, El, Marduk, Allah, al-Mahdi, Maitreya, Krishna (Black=Onyx). Make sense yet? Easter is first light on Solis Dies (Sun’s Day) following the full moon (Lunar Cycle=Menstrual Cycle) after the full moon of Purim; last year’s Lent featured the Fukushima Nuclear meltdown and Purim featured the start of the Libyan War; this year’s will feature the USS Enterprise ramming through the Straits of Hormuz (Horus + Tammuz) following the “Bold Alligator” naval exercise.
All Alligators are Crocodiles; the Egyptian creator goddess “Neith” was called the “Nurse of Crocodiles” and “Mother of Ra” (Ra is the Sun god); when Neith was also the mother of the Crocodile god Sobek. Useless information? Perhaps not. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes (wrongly) he is Israelite; his Hebrew name “Saborjian” means “Weaver”; Neith means “Water” and “Weaver” as well; her symbol is the Rainbow, God’s symbol the Flood would never be repeated and the 28th (28 days in a Lunar and Menstrual Cycle) degree in Masonry where initiates learn the ineffable name of God is Jahbulon (Jah Baal On). In Gematria, Rainbow “Geshet” is 800, the number of Lord, Faith and Omega (Omega is a Rainbow hieroglyphic).
One human gestation cycle (about 280 days) after Easter (pregnancy of Ishtar), the Sun god “Solis Invictus” is born at the Solar Solstice (Stand Still; 12/21) and resurrected 3 days later (Christ Mass; 12/24); the Satanic parallel of Passover (14 Nisan), Unleavened Bread (15 Nisan) and First Fruits (17 Nisan). The USS Enterprise will complete its 22nd and last deployment with 8 nuclear reactors sometime between Lent and Purim after “Bold Alligator” wraps up on Valentine’s Day; the day Valentinian Gnostic Priests used a menstrual blood soaked Goat Skin Aegis to solemnize “Divine Unions”.
Bold Alligator is simulating the invasion of the fictitious nation “Garnet” by a fictitious terrorist supporting Theocracy called Shahida (Shah is Persian for King) through a 35 mile wide strait attempting to re-unite with another fictitious nation “Pyrope”; dang this stuff is hard to figure out. NOT! Pyropes means “Fire in the Eye or Garnet meaning Red as does Edom the “Dominion” of Esau was prophesied in Gen 27:40. Still think all this is just coincidental?
Aegis, the Shield of Athena (Greek goddess of war) means “Goat”; Azazel (Satan) means “Scape Goat”; Jacob used Goat Skin to impersonate Esau and Daniel describes the Grecian Goat and Mede Persian Ram in Dan 8. The same Aegis is worn by Libyan women as a tasseled goat skin. Wonder why in Crazy 8′s, the 8 is a Trump card? The Aegis is also called the “Thunderbolt of Zeus”; turn the 8 on it’s side and “Infinity” ie New Jerusalem becomes a “Standing Wave” produced by Solar (Electro) and Earth (Magnetic) weapons the ultimate Gnostic “Trump Card”. Fukushima was caused by just such an EM created earthquake on Lent.
JESUS means
Salvation of our God
His number is 888; Babel (Gate of El) is Gnostic Salvation; Babel is 800; the only thing your get from that is a nasty Sunburn. In Gematria “I am the Lord, I change not” is 888; upside down or in a mirror, 888 remains the same; why not acknowledge that and join JESUS. 888 Trumps 800 every time.
Ishtar daughter of Sin
The line from the stela and the Ishtar Vase at the Louvre Museum portray
Ishtar’s decent into the underworld
and speak volumes about Madonna’s (Esther) Super Bowl halftime show. Here are 2 more lines:
Enter my lady may Kutha give you joy.
And the men of Cuth made Nergal. 2 Kings 17:30
Nergal is an idol of Mars, the Pagan God of War thought to be a Cock and/or Lion.
Let the Anunnaki descend
gods of the netherworld
refer to offspring of Anu; Ishtar is also considered the daughter of Anu; Celts referred to them as Tuatha de Danaan ie Tribe of Anu; in the inter-testament period,
There were giants in the earth. Gen 6:4
was changed to “Nephillim” meaning “To Fall”, a word equated to “Anunnaki”; they have nothing to do with each other; Giants were and are produced by
  • incest
  • selective breeding
  • culling
Anunnaki and Nephillim are made up nonsense.
Iran begins with Cyrus the Great who like Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon were chosen by God for specific roles. Cyrus (559-529BC) means
Sun, Hero, Young and Humiliator
his son Ahaseurus (529-521 BC) married his sisters; Artaxerxes (521 BC) was a pretender; Darius (521-486 BC) was not Persian but Medean fully controlled by the “Magi” and Xerxes (486-465 BC) became famous for marrying Esther, a name of Ishtar and overwhelming the “Spartan 300″ at Thermopylae; the difference between Cyrus and his successors is they all assumed titles meaning Pharaoh or Caesar; the difference between Esther and Jews who returned to Jerusalem is she was content to remain under Persian rule.
Plato (424-348 BC): Book 7 of Plato’s “Republic” is the
Allegory of the Cave
a utopian blueprint on Justice in which man is unable to see anything but the cave walls unless guided by enlightened “Philosopher-Kings”; Plato’s Academy is now echoed by Blackwater Mercenaries called “Academi” who will facilitate WWIII “Mede-Persian Ram versus Grecian Rough Goat” (Dan 8). Justice? Received by enlightened Philosopher-Kings such as Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani of Babylon (Iraq) and Ayatollah Ali Khameini of Persia (Iran). The Law? Sharia Law (Shar means Revealed); Iran means Aryan “Noble Caste”. Who best to decide the fate of Man than men who reject Jesus Christ as God in Flesh eh?
Esther=Ishtar=Inanna “Queen of Heaven” who brings her son Tammuz (Tam=Purify; Muz=Fire) back from exile in the Earth to enact Justice; the myth is the same as Isis-Horus, Cybele-Attis, Aphrodite-Adonis or Venus-Mars. Purim is Eshter’s Day (Mar 6-7, 2012); Eshter is Inanna; War is called the “Dance of Inanna”. 3 previous unjustified wars were associated with Purim; March is Mars the consort of Venus. Make sense yet?
The Ishtar/Inanna Myth started when Sargon the Great was pronounced “Legitimate King” 21 years after the generally accepted Flood date of 2348BC. The Vernal Equinox sunrise had just transitioned from Taurus to Aries which is why Tammuz became associated with Aries. Persians call the Vernal Equinox “Nowruz”, celebrating it as New Year on Mar 20. Sargon II became “Legitimate King” when Assyrians replaced Israel with the nation now calling itself Israel flying the ensign of Marduk/Moloch aka Six Pointed Star. Who is Israel? The list is in 2 Kings 17:30-31. WWIII will usher in Sargon III whom Shia Ismaeli “Twelvers” like the Ayatollah’s call “al-Mahdi” (He who rises); the bible literate know this as the “Beast rising from the Sea”. Ishtar as daughter of Sin is the offspring of Sin aka Allah; an offspring of the Sun and Moon symbolized by the Crescent. When? The first visible Crescent after the New Moon after Vernal Equinox. What Sin? The Divine Union of Mother and Son. Just myth? Hardly, Gen 9:22 describes the 1st post flood Divine Union between Ham and his mother.
Allegory of the Cave
pertains to Born Again Christians as well; instead of waiting for an enlightened Philosopher-King why not open the door to Jesus Christ; you’ll see the Holy Ghost is in fact the light God created on Day 1. The annual re-enactment of this Divine Union is called Easter; this year at First Light on Dies Solis (April 8); Ishtar is called Easter, and this year’s may very well be the last.
Iran threat is a National Emergency In 2007 Rhodes Scholar Gen Wes Clark (nee Kahn=Cohen) revealed Washington’s plan was to invade 7 Middle Eastern nations in 5 years with Iran #7. In 2009 Brookings Inst writes the policy paper
Horrific Provocation and Tehran sponsored 9/11 needed to trigger Iran invasion
calling for 4 options
  1. Persuade Tehran diplomatically
  2. Topple Tehran using covert/overt military action.
  3. Contain Tehran using embargoes
  4. All 3 together with bribery used to ensure cooperation of other nations.
We are at #4 now; nothing new, Neo-cons from Reagan’s era wrote Project for a New American Century; the case for a New Pearl Harbor; ever wonder how FDR lost track of the entire Japanese Fleet? He didn’t. In 2011, Brookings wrote
Which path to Persia?
the 1st Qtr 2012 CFR issue of Foreign Affairs article
The case for regime change in Iran.
Today, Obama invoked NDAA 2012 authority, declaring the threat to block oil at the Straits of Hormuz is a national emergency requiring every government agency to respond and authorizing the President to use military action without Congressional approval; Unconstitutional to be sure, but hey, worked in Libya last year on Purim pretty well!
Iran’s Republican Guard takes orders from the Ayatollah Khameini, a Shir “Twelver” on a divine mandate to usher in “al-Mahdi” (He who Rises), their largest exercise is slated to end as Lent begins Feb 22; the Society of Ormus = Theraputae  = Perfectibillists = Hormoz = Horus + Tammuz = Hormuz; Lent is 40 days
Weeping for Tammuz
before Easter/Ishtar (ref the Madonna “Esther” Halftime show); it is the reason the glory of the LORD departed Solomon’s Temple (ref Eze 8).
Meanwhile, 20,000 US, British, French, Dutch, Italian, NZ, Aussie troops began the “Bold Alligator” (Alligator symbolizes the Egyptian creator god Sobek) exercise led by the USS Enterprise and 3 other helicopter/Osprey/marine landing ships (USS Wasp, Kearsage and Boxer); the largest joint exercise in a decade concludes on the Ides of February aka Valentine’s Day (recall the Gnostic Valentinius was in the running to be Bishop of Rome), at which time the contingent will deploy to the Straits of Hormuz. How’s all this for 5 year patient planning?
Timing couldn’t be better; in 1312, the Cathar military “Knights Templar” were dissolved by the Catholic Church; Obama took the 700 year anniversary to order Catholics to defy the Pope with regard to contraception and sterilization; obviously, Roman and Orthodox Catholics will defy the President, but so will most of the Hispanics in this nation as well.
Folks, Daniel was told of this near Basra (River Ulai) some 2500 years ago by Jesus Christ and the angel Gabriel; previously he volunteered himself to the Lion’s, but this made him get sick for days and faint. It’s time to recognize who Jesus Christ is. The Gnostic Cathars (Catharsis means Discharge of pent up emotion) believe “Every 700 years the Laurel grows green again”; Ever heard of the Iranian “Green Revolution”?
Ishtar/Inanna’s descent to the netherworld. The Age of Grace is the 8th Covenant between God and Man; Proposition 8 was overturned in San Francisco on the February Full Moon, paving the way for Sodomite Marriage; Judge Stephen Reinhardt appointed by
  • CFR
  • Tri-lateral Commission
  • 33° Mason
  • Iran Revolution facilitator
  • fake Baptist
Jimmy Carter; Judge Michael Hawkins appointed by
  • CFR
  • Tri-lateral Commission
  • Bilderberger
  • Bohemian Grove member
  • deMolay Mason
  • 33° Mason
  • Iran-Contra cocaine smuggler (Mena AK)
  • Federal Grand Jury liar
Bill Clinton. Bohemian like Gypsy refers to one who lives an unconventional lifestyle not under the laws of the land in which they reside; for this reason, Greeks referred to Egypt as
Land of Gypsies
just ask Mitt Romney whose name is Welsh Gypsy “Romnichel”. Sodom is derived from CeDom meaning
To Burn or Scorch
both in reference to the fire and brimstone God rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the behavior described in Rom 1:21-32 “God gave them over to a reprobate mind” sums it up pretty well. The next Full Moon is Purim in the month named after the Roman God of War “Mars”.
In 2004, Madonna, an avid Kaballah practitioner changed her name to Esther, one of 2 books of scripture that does not contain the word “God”; the other is Song of Solomon. Purim is a “Holy Day” derived solely from the book of Esther; Purim 2012 is the full moon of March 6-7. Purim was date Bush Sr chose for the 100 hour war in Gulf War II on the Highway of Death aka Hwy 8, Daniel was given the 2300 day prophesy in Dan 8 near present day Basra; his Skull & Bones “new name” is “Magog”. In 2003 Bush Jr chose Purim for the
Shock and Awe
campaign on Baghdad; his Skull & Bones “new name” is “Gog”; on 1/8/2008 Bush Jr was taken into Zedekiah’s Cave by members of the Temple Mount Faithful and Sanhedrin; he was proclaimed
Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal
and given the Megillat Bush proclaiming this title. Zedekiah was Judah’s last king whose sons were killed before his eyes were put out and he was chained in a mire pit by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon; Nebuchadnezzar had previously recognized the sovereignty of God; thus he was a Born Again Christian of sorts; his grandson Belshazzar was famous for the
Writing on the Wall
and subsequent sacking of Babylon by the Mede-Persians. On Purim 2011, Hillary Clinton was at the Champs-Elysee (Elysian Field) in Paris for the Purim start to the Libyan War; Congress has yet to authorize this illegal war.
Shock and Awe is derived from Shekinah, a Kaballah term for presence of the deity; God? Uh, no Ishtar. Esther = Ishtar is depicted as Madonna (Esther) was during the Super Bowl; Laugh My F—ing Ass Off funny whose shoulders she was atop. Madonna declared to Anderson Cooper
The Super Bowl is the Holy of Holies… I come in at the halfway point of the church experience to deliver a sermon.
Anderson, a CIA intern, CNN shill and Sodomite knows well the Obelisk “Baal’s Shaft” brought to Central Park by his mother’s Vanderbilt fortune has nothing to do with Cleopatra, the last of the Greek Ptolemy Pharaohs; it is Hatsheput’s Obelisk from the Hyksos (Amalakite) expulsion era just prior to the Exodus; the same age of the Ishtar’s descent to the netherworld stela ca 1750 BC. Likewise, Hillary viewed the Luxor Obelisk in Paris leading to Napoleon’s Arch of Triumph on Purim 2011. Hatsheput’s son was known as the Napoleon of Egypt and the Hyksos (Edomites/Ishmaelites/Canaanites = Amalekites) were expelled by the
Men of Luxor
Picking up on the symbolism yet?
Madonna as Esther was High Priestess of the Holy of Holies; the real Holy of Holies was accessible only to the Chief Levite Priest, a son of Aaron, once per year on the Day of Atonement; Madonna however, entered singing Vogue a word meaning leading place of popularity and acceptance ending with her descent to the netherworld during the song Like a Prayer and the Winged Solar Disc symbol used by Assyrian Kings assuming titles such as Sargon I, II; Sargon means “Legitimate King”. Entering the 7 gates of the underworld, Ishtar (Esther/Madonna) has her crown, 8 rayed star necklace, gold and lapis lazuli bracelet, shoes, robe and finally garment removed; a ritual observed as the Eleusinian Mysteries in Greece but applying to goddess figures such as Cybele, Isis, Hecate and Kali as well. Rising from the netherworld, Ishtar is accompanied by demons requiring suitable sacrifices, an annual ritual called the
Killing of the King
just ask JFK how that went for him. Recall, Barack Obama stood next to Michelle wearing a “Black Widow” dress on election night; I doubt this was an arbitrary wardrobe choice.
The Winged Solar Disc symbolizes the Gnostic concept of the soul returning to the source of its creation (Ishtar=Queen of Heaven) in the Elysian Fields (recall Champs-Elysee) as a triumph over death. The 13 minute performance was accentuated by 330 Freemason/Sodomite Clint Eastwood declaring
This is America’s Halftime
in other words our descent into the underworld.
Madonna knows Kaballah and specifically Tarot Card VII “Chariot”; her throne like the Chariot Card was flanked by 2 Sphinx’s just as the Supreme House of the Temple in Washington DC where Sovereignty is bestowed on Freemasons. The District of Columbia refers to the Roman goddess Columbia standing atop the Capitol Dome (Womb of Zeus). The Chariot of Horus as son of Isis (Ishtar) is the Solar Boat whose cycle ends and begins at the Solstice.
So, LMFAO? No, I find nothing funny in any of this. and 7 other sites just like it claim 12/21/2012 is the date the Pale Horse rides. Purim 2012 on 3/6/12 plus 13 weeks takes us to a rare transit of Venus across the Sun on 6/6/12. Venus is the esoteric name of Ishtar/Esther the Virgin Queen of Heaven. The 2012 Solstice is recorded as in the Venus Cycle and symbolized by the 13th letter M, the esoteric symbol of the Virgin above the X; Madonna/Esther’s new symbol. Read Gen 13:13 and Rev 13 to see how funny all this is, but kneeling down before Cee Lo (Cella is the Holy of Holies) Green (Knight Templar Green Man) is not my idea of fun.
The Hyksos rulers of Egypt were “Foreign Rulers” named by the Greeks from a corruption of “heqa khasewet”; expelled from Egypt for starting wars with Libya, Syria and Phoenicia (Lebanon). They were also known as Foreign Shepherd Kings; Amalekites who worshiped “Amurru”, the Edomite shepherd and serpent god and the Canaanite god of the west “Amar”; attacking Nubia, they later knew the Priests of Ameru (Ethiopia-Yemen). Today seems like it must have 2500 years ago in the western land known as Amurru to the Assyrians.
Time to get Jesus in your life folks, He does not condone Sodomite Marriage and is not the
Exalted One riding the Chariot of Creation.
He does however have 7 Super “Bowls” of Wrath planned for those who reject Him!
Hillel of Pennsylvania
Unity and Community solidarity with Israel
keynote speech by atheist/fake Jew, Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz; his classes are called
School of Torturers
because of his fondness for torture, of others of course. Hillel means “Praise” Who? It derives from Halal
To shine, boast, clamorous, foolish, rave, celebrate, renowned or give in marriage.
Marriage to Jesus? Uh, no, more like a Divine Union or Sacred Marriage. Hillel gave birth to the Mishnah
Oral Law/Traditions
of Rabbis written in the Pharsaic era between the Old and New Testaments when God was silent; they are man’s ideas not God’s. Oral traditions with the Tanakh are used for Judgment which resulted in the Babylonian Talmud, brought to Jerusalem as the Jerusalem Talmud. Babylon means Gate of the deity On “Osiris”, the Phoenician “El”, or Assyrian “Allah” (Allah is not an Islamic god; it’s the 4000 yr old Assyrian moon god “Sin”). Jerusalem means “Foundation or Rain of Peace”. Shalom is Peace in Hebrew, but Shalem is also the name of an Amorite god; Assyrians and Egyptians called Jerusalem “Ursalimum”; originally a Jebusite City named after the Ugaritic god Ursalimmu. Ugarit refers to the Syrian (Aramaean) city of Ras Shamra; Ugarit was the home of the Phoenician Baal Cult; El (Babel=Gate of El) the Phoenician god with his wife Asherah had the son “Baal” (Lord) represented by Obelisks and Asherah Poles familiar to Freemasons as the Twin Pillars; Baal then replaces his father as Asherah’s wife and initiates followers to the cult in “Groves” through ritual sodomy, incest and the sacrifice of their children as Masonic “Foundation Sacrifices”. Quick and dirty, but you get the idea; it stems from Ham and his mother; Noah’s husband giving birth to Canaan, cursed of this “Divine Union”; the spiral stairs leading up from the Asherah Poles in Masonic Lodges represent corrupted DNA from incest. In Deut 23:17 God states there shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel or sodomites of the sons of Israel; Ugarit had both.
The Russian carrier Kuznetsov (Blacksmith=Tubal-cain), US carrier HW Bush (Burning Bush) are in position off the Syrian coast, Turkey has stated they are ready to invade, the Free Syrian Army is conducting raids and today (Monday Feb 6) the US Ambassador Robert Ford was recalled and the embassy is closing. Ford was mentored by CFR/ Tri-lateral commission, NAFTA architect as Ambassador to Mexico, Reagan’s Iran-Contra “Death Squad” architectas Ambassador to Houduras and Vietnam Operation Phoenix assassin in “Battalion 316″, Iraq Provincial Governor and UN Ambassador John Negroponte, a Henry Kissinger (Kissinger is one of Obama’s principle advisers) disciple; Battalion 316 likely refers to John 3:16; these men think they are God’s after all. Ford replaced CFR/330 Luciferian Mason L Paul Bremmer in Gulf War II after the latter stole his $60 million “Ali Baba” fund and Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay made off with some $20Billion US.
The Super Bowl is entertainment to be sure; Madonna
My Lady or Virgin
known for promoting Kaballah and mocking the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ by wearing a Crown of Thorns and beginning her shows nailed to a Cross, has a new symbol, an M above a circled X. The X “Chi” = Christ/Messiah represented by the northern/southernmost Lunar and Solar rise and set points at the Solstices; the M is for Madonna, the Queen was hauled in by Egyptian soldiers. M is the symbol for Virgo and the Society of Ormus (Orm means Sea Serpent/Beast and Gold; Society of Ormus are the Theraputae, Perfectibillists, Essenes etc); the 13th letter represents “Rebellion”. Of What? Gen 13:13 “Sodom and Gomorrah” for one; Rev 13 Beasts from the Sea (Antichrist) and Earth (False Prophet) for another. Other than that, the lip synching was fabulous! Got the symbology here? The first “Dies Solis” (Sunday) in February the Roman 12th month = Februa, a menstrual blood soaked goat skin worn by Valentinian Gnostic Priests during “Sacred Marriage” ceremonies. Madonna on stage with Cee Lo Green dressed in a black robe was just so special! Not. Celo means “Goal, Conceal, Keep Secret, Cover or Descendants”. Cover what? Green as in the Knights Templar “Green Man” aka Dionysus or Bacchus. Descendants of who? Philadelphia “Brotherly Love” ie Cain, Canaan, Joktan, Haran, Ishmael, Esau of course; the brothers that did not covenant with God. Collectively they are known as the “Synagogue of Satan” in Rev 3:9. The show ended with “World Peace”; just remember Jesus comes with a Sword to divide the Holy (Separate) from Pagan; He does not bring His people together with Pagans.
Obama also reiterated solidarity with Israel during the pre-game show at the White House “Blue Room” (Blue Lodge in Masonry is called “Porch Brethren”)
Our security is Israel’s security.
is Israel Jewish? Of course not, God’s Word and Laws were replaced in Babylonian captivity with Kaballah, the Talmud and Oral traditions of the men who demanded the Crucifixion of God in Flesh (Pharisees, Sadcucees and Edomite Herods). On Monday, Obama signed an Executive Order freezing Iranian assets in America; yet another act of war.
Obama’s Intelligence Chief James Clapper and CIA chief David Petreaeus used this weekend too
War criminals in the US and Israel will stage a false flag attack on American soil.
Hillary Clinton in Berlin (Berlin museum is home to the Throne of Pergamum aka Throne of Zeus aka Satan’s Seat in Rev 2:13) said
US and EU must assume a greater role in isolating tyrants like Syria’s Bashar al Assad…it is not credible to preach democracy unless we protect it within our own communities.
Uh, Hillary, the US is not, nor has ever been a Democracy, you must be thinking of Plato’s Republic. Russia and China of course vetoed a UN resolution calling for Assad to step down in favor of the Free Syrian Army rebels; remember those guys were in Libya setting up the Libyan Central Bank in Behghazi; the war, like Gulf War I and II was on Purim, another Assyrian “Holy Day” pretending to be Jewish.
The battle lines for WWIII are drawn:
  • Syria
  • Russia
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • North Korea
and virtually all of Shia Ismaeli Islam versus
  • Israel
  • America
  • NATO
  • EU
Which side you are on determines your place for eternity. Which side do you want? Neither. Put down the Sword, read the Word (Authorized Bible) and propose Marriage to Jesus Christ.
02/02/2012 “Imbolg”
The last cross quarter Witch’s Sabat before Ostarra means
In the Belly
What? The Beast. Where? Earth Who? Earth Dwellers. Rev 3:10 is the warning to the Church of Philadelphia where
them that dwell upon the earth.
is first mentioned. The Synagogue of Satan refer to
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes
known as
  • Priests
  • Imams
  • Rabbis
  • Congregation
  • Synagogues
  • Mosques
as intermediaries between God and Man. You don’t need any other Priest than Jesus Christ.
Philadelphia means “Brotherly Love” Which brothers? Joktan and Peleg: Joktan fathered Arabs initially living from
Mesha to Sephar
today Yemen to Oman predominantly which is why the US is being allowed to stage 50,000 troops at the Yemeni Island of Socotra and the Omani Island of Masirah in preparation for the attack on Iran in WWIII. In Peleg’s day
the Nations were divided. Gen 10:30;32
Joktanites desire to re-unite the world under a single currency, leader and religious law called “Sharia”. The United Nations is attempting to unite those nations separated by water. What water? Oceans where the Beast from the Sea rises (Rising Sun=Church of the East in Eze Description: 8)versus Jesus Christ, the “Living Water”. Folks, there is no battle here; Jesus has already one the war! Haran and Abram: Sabaeans of Haran (Lot’s Father) are the
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothes
who leave their religion “Gnosticism” to enter
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
and other “Eastern Religions” (East is Rising Sun=Beast). Notice in Dan 11:41 Edom, Moab and Ammon escape the hand of Antichrist whom Shia Ismaelis call “al-Mahdi”. Melchisedek (Jesus Christ) made the covenant with Abram who passed it to Ishmael and Isaac: Ismaelites (no misspelling, the “h” means God is with me; they reject God and are proud of it) are today known as
  • “Twelvers”
  • “Assassins”
  • “Sufis”
  • “Druze”
  • “Bahai”
Grand Ayathollah Ali Sistani in Iraq (Babylon) and Ayathollah Ali Kahmeini in Iran (Aryan Persia) are Shia Imams instigating WWIII with the help of their Zionist counterparts in Israel, America and Great Britain (B’Rith=Birthright Covenant). Isaac passed the covenant to Esau and Jacob: Esau violated the covenant by marrying Hittite (Canaanite women married Ishmael and Esau’s clan) women; Edom means Red, just follow the
  • Red Star
  • Red Crescent
  • Red Cross
If you want to be married to the Lamb Jesus Christ, you need to propose a covenant with Him. I would do that sooner rather than later.
At the beginning of February, 2 major developments took place. On Jan 30, the UN released their report
Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A future worth choosing
Take a wild guess who the UN chose, People or Planet? Hint: Ban Ki Moon is a Unification Church disciple of Sun Myung Moon who stated Jesus failed His ministry…he is the so-called
Messiah of the Universe
Cool eh? the US Congress even agreed with him in a Mar 23, 2004 ceremony in the Senate Dirksen Office Building (Moon symbolizes the ancient Assyrian god Sin; aka Allah) Why now? February means
Purging or Purification
stemming from “Februa”, a blood soaked Goat Skin used by Valentinian Gnostics. Funny, except that Valentinius was runner-up for the job Bishop of Rome in the 2nd Century. Valentinius was a disciple of Philo Judeaus of Alexandria the spiritual father of the Theraputae aka Order of Perfectibilists aka Society of Ormus in Alexandria; allegorical interpretations of Jesus’ words originated from him. Valentinius’ Gnosticism progresed into Manichaeus’ brand of Gnosticism which spread across the Middle East as a Dualist Cosmology mixing allegorical elements of Christianity with Zoroastrianism and Buddhism; today seen in Druze, Bahai, and Shia Ismaelism.
UN report excerpts:
Achieving sustainability requires us (the UN) to transform the global economy…unsustainable lifestyles, production, consumption eliminated…prices should reflect the true cost of production including food, fuel through carbon pricing (carbon tax)…family planning (Eugenics), a Global Currency and equality among all nations (Rich and 3rd World; no middle class).
Get the gist here? The US owes more money, has a higher standard of living (on borrowed money) and uses more carbon based energy than all other nations. America (Amurru is the Edomite shepherd and serpent god) is to be the Phoenix (Pa=House of Enoch) set ablaze (Purified) to establish the New World Order (Atlantis); In other words
Order out of Chaos
The UN calls this
Agenda 21
Why? Sharia comes from Shar “To Reveal”; Shia Imams interpret Gnosticism’s
Revealed Law
Jesus’ Revelation 21
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away…
You can place your trust in Jesus’ Word or in Shia Imam interpretations, but not both!
The second event, an Arab Spring announcement was timed with the first; Iran’s Shia Imam Ayathollah Ali Kamenei (remember, this “Twelver” has a boss in Iraq and believes he is the deputy to the last Imam “al-Mahdi”) released a statement
In light of the Divine promise by almighty God, the Zionists and the Great Satan (America) will soon be defeated…Allah’s promises will be delivered…Islam will be victorious…human history is on the verge of a great event and that soon the world will realize the poser of Allah.
According to Shia clerics, al-Mahdi the occulted (hidden) 12th Imam is currently on earth and will reveal himself when the needed environment is created at Armageddon. The needed environment is destruction of the US and the Roman Pontiff. Why? Rev 17
and 18
Economic Babylon
must be faked along with Rev 16:16
200,000,000 eventually gather at Armageddon (Rev 9:16); How does one fake that gathering and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ? 4 Fukushima Nuclear Reactors melting down and forcing an Exodus across
  • Korea
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
would do it. The Shepherds? Amurru Can (America) is the Edomite Shepherd god; perhaps this is why the US has the USS George Washington in the China Sea, the USS Lincoln, USS Vinson and soon the USS Enterprise at the Straits of Hormuz; the HW Bush off the Syrian coast, the nuclear submarine Annapolis the USS Stennis near Socotra Island where 50,000 US troops are being deployed and Russia has its only carrier the Kuznetsov off the Syrian coast, Britain has its 1 Billion $ radar missile ship HMS Daring and France its only carrier Charles DeGaulle en-route as well.
On the home-front, NDAA 2012 allows arrest, incarceration, torture, extraordinary rendition to foreign nations and soon, likely the stripping of citizenship of US citizens opposed to this with some 800 Civilian Inmate Detention facilities at the ready. Not too bad? Iran is bragging it can launch an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) nuclear weapon in minutes from the Gulf of Mexico which would disable our 100+ nuclear power plants leading to possible meltdown and the electric power grid. Can they? No, rest assured, like 9/11/2001 should the unthinkable happen it will be accomplished by traitors from the inside just as Jesus said
A man’s foes shall be the men of his own household. Mat 10:36
Pretty unthinkable eh? Now go get Jesus in your life and trust His Word; the Authorized Bible aka KJV.
All the text above is the intensive research from Howard Ratcliffe using the KJV Authorized Bible. For a full immersion into his research, read his book, There is Still Nothing New Under the Sun (PDF). Visit his website, for more of his research or navigate Project Dark Book. If you do not ask Jesus for the Holy Ghost then this information may not be fully understood, nor would the Current Events make much sense either. Don’t be left in the dark, find the right light. God bless. This site is a:
  • Physical Witness of Jesus Christ as God in Flesh
  • Physical Witness to Truth of the written Word (Authorized Bible)
  • Spiritual Witness of Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost
  • a sounding of the Trumpet to Repent to the only source of Forgiveness of Sin
A Plea for you to establish a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, nothing more is intended.