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Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/2011 - The International Monetary Fund's "Kiss of Death"

The International Monetary Fund's "Kiss of Death"

"They’ll say the IMF is arrogant. They’ll say the IMF doesn’t really listen to the developing countries it is supposed to help. They’ll say the IMF is secretive and insulated from democratic accountability. They’ll say the IMF’s economic ‘remedies’ often make things worse – turning slowdowns into recessions and recessions into depressions. And they’ll have a point. I was chief economist at the World Bank from 1996 until last November, during the gravest global economic crisis in a half-century. I saw how the IMF, in tandem with the U.S. Treasury Department, responded. And I was appalled."

(Joseph Stigletz- Former IMF Chief Economist)

8/3/11 (Special Thanks to S. Davis)

The following is from the International Monetary Fund Website:

"the IMF remains one of the largest official holders of gold in the world. Consistent with the new income model for the Fund agreed in April 2008, on September 18, 2009, the IMF Executive Board approved gold sales strictly limited to 403.3 metric tons, representing one eighth of the Fund's total holdings of gold at that time. Resources linked to these gold sales will also help boost the Fund's concessional lending capacity. The approved sales program was completed in late December 2010." (Source)

The question remains, how did the IMF acquire so much gold bullion? Again, the answer is right on their website:

The IMF acquired its current gold holdings prior to the Second Amendment through four main types of transactions.

" * First, when the IMF was founded in 1944 it was decided that 25 percent of initial quota subscriptions and subsequent quota increases were to be paid in gold. This represents the largest source of the IMF's gold.

* Second, all payments of charges (interest on member countries' use of IMF credit) were normally made in gold.

* Third, a member wishing to acquire the currency of another member could do so by selling gold to the IMF. The major use of this provision was sales of gold to the IMF by South Africa in 1970–71.

* And finally, member countries could use gold to repay the IMF for credit previously extended." (Ibid)

In other words, when a country borrows money from the International Monetary Fund, they repay the interest in gold bullion. The Knights Templar used the same techniques to bankrupt the Monarchies of Europe and the Catholic Church:

1. The Templars would agitate for war between the monarchies of Europe, and Crusades for the Catholic Church.

2. They would also lobby for increased "social spending"

3. Cash strapped kings and Pope's would borrow "chits", the Templar version of "money" from them.

4. All loans and interest were repaid in gold and silver.

Gold and silver are the only real wealth in this world. Exchanging worthless pieces of paper for real bullion hardly seems like a fair exchange, but, these men are, after all, plundering pirates. The IMF is the gold collector, and apparently resells the gold it collects at a deep discount to "member nations" central banks (Rockefellers and Rothschilds). (Ibid.)

It also resells the gold to other private (Rothschild/Rockefeller) banking concerns at supposed "market prices":

"The first phase in the Fund’s gold sales was set aside exclusively for off-market sales to interested central banks and other official holders, which were conducted at market prices at the time of the transactions. In October and November 2009, the Fund sold 212 metric tons of gold in separate off-market transactions to three central banks: 200 metric tons were sold to the Reserve Bank of India during October 19-30; 2 metric tons to the Bank of Mauritius on November 11; and 10 metric tons to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on November 23." (Ibid)

The New World Order is made possible by the private ownership of the world's currencies and the multitude of privately owned National Banks. Whether those concerns exist in Great Britain, India, or the United States means very little, as they are all controlled by the same small cabal of Satanic Psychopaths that reside in the "City of London". The City of London is a one square mile parcel of property that enjoys the same autonomy as the Papal State in Rome.

The International Monetary Fund exists as just another tool to plunder those countries that get sucked into the Banksters' perpetual wars and endless creation of "social programs". They are Parasites that suck off the life blood of everthing that is good in this world.

We end up with trillions of dollars in debt. They end up with trillions of dollars in gold and silver. We bury our dead by the hundreds of millions, they profit from the funerals. It hardly seems like anything remotely resembling a fair exchange.

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