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Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/2011 - Greenspan: US Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because It Can Print Money To Pay It

After watching this I feel much better about the econ. crisis things are going to be just fine. 

anyone watching the derivatives bubble like me. ?

heres a link to some info on it note the date of the article. very interesting .

FTW - A hearing to dismiss a suit by the Gold Ant-Trust Action Committee (GATA) is scheduled to begin in U.S. District Court on October 9th, 2001. That suit, based upon detailed research, alleges that a conspiracy has existed between the U.S. Treasury, The Federal Reserve, former Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers and major U.S. investment banks to illegally and covertly flood the world with literally twice the amount of gold permitted by a 1999 international treaty. The suit also threatens to publicly expose the artificial manipulation of gold prices going much further back.

problem solved then, why didn't we think of this before. 

Oh wait, Germany in 1930's and Zimbabwe in 2008 also had these brilliant ideas.

Is he serious? We can always print money to pay debts? Well #, if that's the case I'm gonna start printing money too and pay off my car loan! Those with huge mortgages and student loans, or both, you should do the same!

It should be evident that the US dollar is make believe. They make it up out of thin air!

 That is a treasonous statement from a psychopathic traitor if I ever heard one. He should be arrested and imprisoned in Gitmo for that.
Well crazy or not he is right. The US can always print their way out of debt. Obviously that is not a good idea though.
I was watching the same interview this morning, as painful as it was. The comment that I found most interesting , yet is not mentioned here, is that he feels the stock market has a ways to go till it finds bottom.
I think he is right again. 

So basically the feds are printing money out of thin air,with no gold/silver backing it up. Admitting it. So whats with the whole raising the debt ceiling? was that just a show for them to make up a super congress, are we americans seriously going to sit back and let them rape us? i'm glad I dont work for the system. for what? for a piece of paper that symbolizes currency that has no true value? no thanks I dont want to be a slave

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