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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Posted By: WatchmanDate: Saturday, 6-Aug-2011 21:58:07

More on the “Comet” Elenin thing. The whole thing is either a gov psyop or a viral marketing plan for a movie or a game. Some interesting thoughts from someone who doesn’t seem to buy it either…from a GLP post…link at end.


I have to sound off on this. I suggest a pin (GLP speak), regardless of whether this has been discussed or not, because this whole Elenin situation has been misunderstood and it’s time we put this thing to bed and see the whole thing for what it truly is.

I’ve been reading all the comments and theories on this board about Elenin…from the dwarf star theory, to the red mini-sun theory, to the Richard Hoagland hostile hyperbolic alien spacecraft theory, to the ordinary comet theory, to the theory that it’s some sort of “super-comet” that is storing up a freakish amount of electrical charge as its postively charged nucleus gathers up a ridiculous amount of electrons which it will discharge when it reaches perihelion, thereby triggering an apocalypse.
You’re all missing the point. You’ve all been waiting with baited breath since December for Nasa’s pictures of the comet so you can confirm that it’s just a comet, so that somehow you can dismiss everything that’s going on and declare that nothing is going on with the Earth. Half of you are looking for a reason to prove that everything is OK so that you don’t have to face reality, and the other half of you have gotten caught up in this ridiculous “dwarf star vs. red mini-sun vs. hostile alien craft vs. comet” debate.

Elenin represents one thing and one thing only. It’s a warning of some kind, nothing more. That’s it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a comet or a giant turd.

The discovery of this object by Leonid Elenin and the JPL data being made available to the public represents a moral compromise by NASA and the U.S. Government to give the general public a clue that something is coming, and it’s also a way for them to clearly establish amongst themselves coming events that they are concerned about…The alignments and the close calls shown in the JPL data represent dates of concern. They want you to know, and they’re also using the alignments and the close calls to synchronize their efforts without having to talk about it openly amongst themselves.

** The bizarre coincidences:

1) What are the odds of guy named Leonid Elenin growing up to be an amateur astronomer who just happens to discover a comet that is coming between the Earth and the sun in September of 2011 (9/11…his name “Elenin” is 9/11 backwards)

2) What are the odds of guy named Leonid Elenin growing up to be an amateur astronomer who just happens to discover a comet that is reaching its point closest to the sun on 9/11/11 (again, his name is 9/11 backwards)

3) If you want to throw the whole 9/11 thing out, that’s fine, but what are the odds of a guy whose first name is Leo and whose last name is an acronym for “Extinction Level Event” growing up to be an amateur astronomer who discovers a comet while at the same time a movie that was released 13 years earlier (“DEEP IMPACT”) just happens to have a character named Leo who discovers a comet that the Government decides to name “E.L.E.” in the movie

4) What are the odds of guy named Leonid Elenin growing up to be an amateur astronomer who just happens to discover a comet whose tail the Earth will pass through in November, when the definition for the term “LEONID” just happens to be “a meteor shower associated with a comet that occurs in the month of November

“LEONIDS” definition Wikipedia Link:
The odds of something like this happening by accident are ZERO. The odds of any of this being a coincidence are ZERO. And the potential for a tiny comet to cause the Earth’s axis to shift whenever the Earth is caught between this object and the sun is ZERO.

And there’s your answer. This is deliberate. The comet isn’t a real comet. It can be only one thing. It’s either a natural object or an artificial object of some sort that’s designed to look like a comet, and it’s being intelligently controlled by a government agency. The government is using “Elenin” as an informative vehicle to give those in the general public, both in the U.S. and abroad, that are awake and that are paying attention to this kind of stuff a chance to prepare and protect their family, if they choose to, and the government is also using “Elenin” for their own purposes in order to synchronize their efforts and disclose information to other government agencies without having to go into too much detail amongst themselves…they can always refer to “Elenin” without having to refer to what’s actually causing these changes or any classified information.

So heed the warnings, or don’t. Clearly they want you to know that the end of September through the end of November represents a time when they feel we might cross the threshold and that the disasters will start to become bigger at that point, it doesn’t matter when the actual pole shift will occur, they’re telling you that we cross the threshold sometime during that late September through late November timeframe…the crap should start to hit the fan at that point. That’s why this whole Elenin situation is so in-your-face, so over-the-top and obvious. They want you to pay attention to it. They had to provide us with a timeline, in a surreptitious but unambiguous way, because that’s their moral code (I’m not talking about the Illuminati, I’m talking about NASA and the U.S. Government). It’s the only warning you’ll ever get, because there’s not going to be a press conference about this, aside from a possible emergency broadcast message right before the disaster.

I hope this clarifies things for everyone, and that we stop debating whether it’s a comet, or a dwarf star, or a giant turd. It’s none of those things. It’s a warning, nothing more. They might even decide to detonate the object when it reaches perihelion…by then, it would have already served its purpose, which was to synchronize their efforts and provide specific dates of concern to all agencies of government without discussing it openly, and to let the people know, those that want to know and are willing to seek out the information and react to it, otherwise there would have been absolutely no point to running commercials like those commercials and letting that NASA Preparedness video go viral unless they were also going to give you some sort of a clue as to when you needed to get prepared. They want you to get prepared now, not in 2012. That’s the Elenin message.


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