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Sunday, August 7, 2011

8/7/2011 - FEMA to do first ever nationwide emergency alert system test on Nov.9...11/9/11

Preparing for US default/economic collapse/WW3/false-flag... ??

FEMA website 

Test could last upwards of 3 minutes and will be broadcast over ALL types of public media "the national alert and warning system established to enable the President of the United States to address the American public during emergencies."

Interesting uh? Why is this being done now... they are planning something.

FEMA is an umbrella agency that oversees the distribution of resources from 22+ federal departments, including but not limited to DOT, DOE, DHUD, etc etc etc.

Im not entirely sure why people fear FEMA. Everything they have been doing lately is from the lessons learned during Katrina and afterwards.

 I have commented about this 11-9 date before and while I have continued to study the date for anomalies, I think I have found something important, that I wish to share with ATS members and others for the benefit of keeping others informed. 

Consider the 5 items of interest that I am highlighting and listing for consideration on this matter.

1. The test date of 11-9-11 has been promoted for over 5 months within the federal government and while that just denotes prior planning, consider the following items. What this shows me is that they knew in advance what was coming and why they had to covertly schedule a test of the EMS while stating publicly that it's only a test of the new system.

2. 11-9, is the exact date that asteroid YU55 enters the Comet Elenin debris field. Such an entry into the debris field of Comet Elenin could deflect asteroids or even deflect YU55 into our moon or perhaps earth. Keep this concern in mind, because it will help explain my other concerns when you read them.

3. The emergency test is scheduled on 11-9, which is the exact date that earth enters the debris field. How convenient that both earth and YU55 enter the debris field of Comet Elenin on the same date with the potential for debris issues and or impacts on earth in the days that follow.

4. Since a 3 1/2 minute emergency EMS test is scheduled, I contend that this emergency broadcast will be used to actually give Obama the means to address an incoming disaster under actual emergency conditions to the nation. In other words, it will not be a test as much as an actual live emergency broadcast with Obama reading the teleprompter and telling us what he is suppose to tell us.

During the emergency test broadcast, I still contend that every secret mind control technology will be used to transmit mind control programming into anyone that listens to the emergency broadcast.

While there are those that cant bare to not hear what Obama has to say, but if you take my advice, catch what he said afterwards and not during a live telecast. Those 3 and half minutes are going to come back to haunt you because if you listen to the broadcast, then you will be subjected to mind control programming needed to keep the masses under control.

In fact, I plan to make sure that I have no cell phones, no radios, no MP3 players, nothing with any chip technology that can induce the mind control programming that such an emergency broadcast will use to condition the minds of Americans to what is about to happen. While I realize they have many ways to condition you, I am not taking any chances on 11-9 at approximately 2:00PM when Obama will address the nation.

I believe that during the live emergency broadcast, Obama or someone scientific will explain that within 72 hours or sooner, that an object is due to impact the earth at a certain time and location or that such an object is going to impact the moon.

Such an emergency announcement allows the president to invoke martial law and take control of all areas of government through the continuity of government provisions and demand of the public to cooperate with federal authorities in whatever they ask. He will also most likely spell out what type of martial law we will be under during such an emergency.

5. 72 hours after 11-9 is exactly "11-11-11" and with Hollywood releasing the movie called "The Immortals" rise of the Titans on that very same date, I find it somewhat ironic that Hollywood is trying to tell us something cryptically if only we could see it.

Now, the last item I want everyone to consider is something you will only find here on ATS long before other conspiracy sites and those profiteers that call themselves alternative media begin to jump on the band wagon and spin their own yarn about what this information I just covered might all mean. These repeaters will repeat this information but will no doubt put their own spin on it in an effort to make some money.

The last item that shows me that this whole emergency test date and Comet Elenin and other objects have all been meticulously planned by looking at the calendar for November, 2011. Since I study rituals on a full time basis, the following is conditional on a ritual aspect being included in all this timing of events on key dates that are either 911 dates or mirror image dates of 911 much like 11-9 in November is a mirror of 9-11.

5. There are exactly 13 days from 11-9-11 until 11-22-11 and to me this shows that from the EMS test date of 11-9 until 11-22-11 this 13 day window will be used for ritual sacrifices by those that designed this ritual with all the dates and disasters involved.

Had I not found this 13 day window, I perhaps would not feel or think the way I do about this EMS test date, but since I have found evidence of a planned ritual timing, that is when I concluded that 11-9 will begin a process that Obama will be part of. That actual emergency test will begin a series of events that many will see as just part of the emergency, but could also be ritual elements that must be achieved before 11-22-11.

The reason 11-9 was selected was for the items I just covered above and because it begins the 13 day window that leads to November 22, 2011, when I suspect that as the final closing element of this ritual, Obama will be most likely sacrificed, assassinated on the historical anniversary of the JFK assassination which occurred on 11-22-1963.

Bare in mind that the JFK ritual death was also mirrored historically with the Abraham Lincoln assassination and so, if my studies are founded, then this is the very date that Obama, POTUS #44 will become the last sitting president to ever represent the USA and it will be openly, the first day of the New World Order that will emerge from all the disasters.

I know this may be pure conjecture to some, but I ask for your indulgence, because in my findings I find these 13 day windows to be key clues and since 11-9 until 11-22 is exactly 13 days until the end of ritual, I have to take notice and consider what it implies in the greater scheme of things whether I feel it is unfounded or not.

Before November ever comes, we must live through the time frame that begins on September 11, 2011 and carries us through the end of the planned ritual, November 22, 2011. I would be lying if I said this period is not going to be action packed with many things both good, bad and a possible pole shift of the planet as a massive object passes earth on the way out of our solar system.

I hope I have offered some additional material to consider surrounding the November 9, EMS test date. Thanks again and before you forget, mark down the 13 day window. I have a feeling you will agree when it becomes clear that all of this was staged, planned and coordinated by those that brought us Waco, Oklahoma City, 911, Katrina and the AZ shooting spree and the Japan and Christchurch disasters.

The NWO rituals are all about death and destruction, so if you will just keep that in mind as events unfold, I am hopeful you will see that my suspicions were totally spot on. Besides, we only have a short time to find out if I was right or not. Until then, I will continue to inform those that choose to know. 

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