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Thursday, August 4, 2011

8/4/2011 - Something just happened in England

OK, a couple of hours ago a strange noise started to make itself known over my home, i had my children with me and so told them to wait indoors whilst i took a look outside. 

It was cloudy and so i couldn't see much of anything, but the noise remained. My family heard this noise as well, and i began to wonder what was going on. It was the strangest noise i have ever heard, like a whoosh, but it was non moving and remained above my home. 

Then nothing, the noise just stopped, so quick, no fading, no nothing, and then a flash of light appeared, the most pure amaizing light ive ever seen, it felt like it lit up my whole body. I had asked a chap who walked past what he thought was going on and if he could see anything, but the chap just looked at me funny as if i was nothing. God i keep stopping whilst typing this, im gonna sound so crazy. Anyway, a few moments after that i ran indoors and grabbed my mobile phone cam, and shot outdoors again. 

On returning outside the sky began to fill with helicopters and other objects. I went indoors afterwards and began talking about the events that just took place whilst running to my PC to get the video footage off. My family, children and wife who were there with me don't recall anything at all, infact no one does, and the only thing i got to show for the whole event is some video, a headache and sickness. 

I just uploaded the video and will place it here for you to look at, i need a drink so im gonna go grab one, i feel a bit funny now, and not in a good way. 

Its not the first time ive had this type of event, but it is the first time i had my cam ready and had my family with me. 

Back in a bit.

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