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Monday, August 1, 2011

8/1/2011 - Denver International Airport: New World Order Elite Safe-haven

I just recently created a thread about DIA's interesting construction, but it seems there are plenty of people who don't know the full background of this locations secrets. I decided I can help with that! I know there are a few threads on here about DIA, but I plan to go a little more in depth then most. 

Okay for the basic history, Denver used to have a perfectly functional airport (Stapleton), but this airport was ordered to be closed once DIA was opened. DIA offered no significant technological advances to air trafficking. The budget was 1.7 billion dollars for the construction of DIA, when all was said and done the airport was 3.1 billion dollars over budget, with an overall cost of 4.8 billion dollars. To make things stranger, the airports construction was entirely privately funded. 

The original design for DIA was to be 5 pentagon shaped buildings ranging from 60 feet deep to 120 feet deep (6-12 stories roughly). Once these buildings where built, they decided that they did not like this design. When ever a constructed building is to be omitted, it would demolish and build the new design, DIA unlike ANY other construction in history, decided to bury these buildings and build on top of them. These buildings are still under DIA, the people that work down there do not speak of what they do, DIA claims the buildings are unused storage. Why would they have people working under DIA in massive buildings that are "unused storage," then be unable to speak about their jobs? During the construction of DIA, the construction workers where all closely monitored and contracted for small segments at a time, then let go and a new group hired. This eliminated the possibility of anyone fully understanding what was going on below. I have personally met one of the workers who claimed that there where tunnels big enough to fit buses inside, but he was not allowed to see where they went. When the airport was completely done, over 330,000,000 cubic feet of earth was moved (roughly 1/3 of the amount moved for the panama canal). The fuel delivery system can pump 1,000 gallons of fuel per minute with tanks that hold 2.73 million gallons of fuel, well into the "WTF.. WHY?" rate of fuel delivery. I have also noticed that the buildings framework is a concrete base, with a free floating frame with pivotal beam supports for the upper portion of the building, meaning that it was built for EXTREME movement equal to an earthquake or a blast. 

Known elites have purchased property close to DIA, including the queen of England. This is to ensure they have safe and easy access to their underground bunkers when the fan turns brown. 

As if the privately funded underground buildings with tunnel networks and workers sworn to secrecy was not strange enough, It gets even more weirder. To the untrained eye, the interior of the airport seems clean and high dollar, but if you know what you are looking for you will find apocalyptic paintings and masonic symbolism all over. 

- Two dead children. 
- Quetzal bird, a iconic bird of the Americas trapped in a glass cage with "extinct ?," written on it. 
- Symbolism of a false sense of freedom. 
- A possible extinction level event for the Americas? 
- Dove and penguin in a glass case, doves symbolize peace. 
- A city in the background of a burning forest with a hazardous haze in the sky. 
- nuclear radiation or bio-chemical destruction? 
- Child holding a Mayan Tablet 
- 2012 and the Mayan calender? 
- Much more 

This painting was recently painted over, but is absolutely sickening. 
- MANY Starving mothers crying over their dead children, within the swipe of a masked military officials blade. 
- Gas mask, once again suggesting toxic air of some kind. 
- Dead dove on the sword of the government official 
- Destruction of peace. 
- Burning city remains, destroyed by a large impact. 
- A Note of Hama Herchenberg, a 14 years old who died December 18, 1943 in Auschwitz Concentration camp that says the following. 

"I once was a little child who longed for other worlds 
but I am no more a child for I have known fear 
I have learned to hate how tragic, then, is youth 
which lives with enemies, with gallows ropes. 
Yet, I still believe I only sleep today. that I’ll wake up, 
a child again, and start to laugh and play." 

The use of chemical warfare or mass genocide is almost obvious at this point. There is even "Au Ag" embossed in the floor at the airport. Au Ag is Australian Antigen.. a chemical used in the gas rooms by Nazi's.

This shows a plaque in the airport reading "New World Airport Commission" ... It doesn't exist. 
- Also shows masonic compass and square symbol. 

There is also a massive Egyptian god of death, "Anubis" to greet the fliers.

Jesse Ventura did an episode covering the Denver airport. Pretty crazy stuff and is definitely worth a watch.

It really makes you wonder what in the world the meaning of all that could be. 

Lets be honest, if and when something crazy were to be imminent you know d*** well those in charge wouldn't say a word until there was very little time to prepare. Letting society know too early would cause way too much panic for a prolonged period of time.

The gargoyle 

The boat 

Here's one if you connect the rainbows. 

YouTube Link

One more pic. Top view of the airport. Nice swastika huh? 

The Gargoyle was a Gothic water spout to divert water from buildings. They are as old as Egypt, however. The word Gargoyle has a root word in gargle, or the sound of swallowing water.

The suitcase looks like a Samsonite briefcase, not a suitcase. Interestingly enough, Samsonite was started, you guessed it, It was started in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder. And, who owns Samsonite today?
CVC Capital Partners and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Also, there's two of these Gargoyles am I correct? 

Shwayder, who was devoutly religious, also named his son King David and required all company executives to carry the Golden Rule engraved on a golden band.

ConspiraCity, here is a photo that gives us a peek at what may lie beneath: 

DIA is the ultimate slap to the face of decent people that just want peace in this world.

It is one of the Elite's crowning achievements and there can be no doubt about its nefarious purpose(s)... 

I don’t care what the artists says, his murals are apocalyptic therefore very provocative.
I don’t think that the secret team is going to admit to the world what they are doing.


Symbolically powerful image. You have a masked (hidden) military figure appearing to swing his sword, slicing through (destroying) two buildings. The sword is a scimitar, an arabian sword.

So you have a hidden force that is using an arab weapon to take down two buildings.


Here is a swastika DIA overlay 

I just wanted to add this because I think it's a great photo! 

- Two dead children.
- Quetzal bird, a iconic bird of the Americas trapped in a glass cage with "extinct ?," written on it.
- Symbolism of a false sense of freedom.
- A possible extinction level event for the Americas?
- Dove and penguin in a glass case, doves symbolize peace.
- A city in the background of a burning forest with a hazardous haze in the sky.
- nuclear radiation or bio-chemical destruction?
- Child holding a Mayan Tablet
- 2012 and the Mayan calender? 

iv seen these before, years ago, but now that iv studied ancient egypt i want to add...

- the cow on the right, over the dead person is meant to be "hathor"...mother of the gods, lady of the west...she was depicted as a cow with horns, leaning out of a bush or papyrus plants welcoming the dead on their hazourdous journey into the afterlife....(google - book of dead...or seti`s tomb...good images there)

the bird i think is meant to be the bennu pheonix...

so this whole image signifies "death..." the middle coffin i see a dead man, with open white this the "dead king " osiris (or quetzicol) seems that the people in th eimage are trying to protect/collect endangered animals...

is this airport a place to collect and noahs ark??

as for anubis...he is the the underworld....he was placed on/near tombs to protect the dead...wherever you see know your near a tomb...!!

the second picture is nazi storm troopers...souless...turning dark matter into light..slaying the dove of peace

as for the other pictiures...the boat seems like a metaphor for a globalised government.....the rainbow which adornes and circulates this image stems from the nazi storm trooper image....showing the "medival roots" of any empire

the next picture is the tree of life...

these images seem very globalistic...with gnostism....

The New World Airport Commission ?

I repeat...
The New World Airport Commission ?

It does not formally exist at the moment, but apparently it is entirely part of the plans intended for our future.
Once the New World Order is formally established.

Or at least by the time in which the Denver International Airport time capsule is scheduled to be opened in 2094.

The Masons are all about symbolism.
Ever visit the Masonic Temple in Washington DC ?
Or research the design of the streets and layout of Washington DC itself ?
Or Look at a Dollar Bill ?
That symbology is full of messages to those who run our Nation.

This Capstone at Denver International Airport with it's Masonic Square and Compass, the most widely know Masonic Symbol clearly indicates their association with the construction of the DIA.

The Elite have been building underground bunkers for the last decade according to a private contractor who builds them for his own private clients as well.

DIA occupies 53 Square Miles ?

The Blue Horse ?
Read about the pale horse of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelations. 

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”. -Revelation 6:7-8 

I like Jesse Ventura's no BS assessment. 


this is the biggest issue for globalists...whos going to prove they have the right to rule the world...

this is where egyptian mythology comes in...the egyptian blueprint of the pharaoh was to prove he had the divine right to helipolis it was changed to provong you are "the son of the sun" osiris incarnate ie horus.

but that means he has to part of per-aa (pharaoh).. the great the bloodline of the gods.....upper egyptian.
it gets deep

 Washington state has some strange things there is the link...


ELLENSBERG , Washington
Tunnels to:
Notes: Mel Waters tells of a "bottomless shaft" in the Madistash Ridge near Ellensberg, about 10 feet wide. Also nicknamed Hell's Hole. One man claims to have dropped an old refrigerator down the shaft but did not hear it hit. Also reports of military men in the area, and residents who were told not to talk about the subject, also rumors that the U.S. military paid the discoverer a "fortune" to shut up about shaft and "disappear".

source: STRANGE UNIVERSE, April 22, 1997; Art Bell's DREAMLAND radio program

FORT LEWIS - Madigan, Washington
Functions: Grey Nest
Tunnels to:
Notes: Many reports state that the Madigan military hospital 50 miles south of Seattle is being used by aliens [reptilian] to process military personnel into an alien agenda. The hospital is very high-tech with at least 3 underground levels that are off limits to both civilian and military personnel. Many claim that most of the workers at this Army hospital are "not human", and a powerful electromagnetic field has been reported within and surrounding the hospital area. The nearby Ft. Lewis has been implicated in certain New World Order predatory activities.

source: Article by Val Valerian in THE LEADING EDGE magazine

Mount Rainer, Washington
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to:
Notes: A very active UFO base exists beneath Mt. Rainier. There are also said to be underground "vaults" containing records of the ancient Lemurians.

Mount St. Helens, Washington
Functions: electromagnetic/ultra- and sub sound research
Tunnels to:

TACOMA, Washington
Tunnels to:
Notes: A strange hole in the back yard of Jim and Harriet Johnson's home, which "devours" everything thrown into it. Cavers explored the hole and saw 3 cone-shaped stones that they could not explain. The Johnson's built a deck over the hole and planned to sell the house, after former owners related their own experiences. The original owner told of being lowered down the hole only to have his oil lamp sucked out of his hands, while another told of filling the hole with marble and 'all kinds of stuff', but the hole 'erupted' spewing stuff all over. Another filled the hole with old tires, but the hole seemed to consume the tires, which began sinking out of site.

source: EVERETT HERALD [Everett Washington], March 17, 1980

Yakima Indian Reservation
Functions: Unknown
Levels: Unknown
Tunnels to: Unknown
Notes: Southeast of Tacoma Washington, on the Reservation, in an area 40 by 70 miles. Unusual sounds from underground (Toppenish Ridge). Low flying Silver Cigar shaped craft seen to disappear into the Middle fork area of Toppenish creek.

An alien base reportedly lies below the Yakima Indian Reservation SE of Tacoma, Washington.
source: THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter, Vol.2, No.2

Check into Phil Schneider he's the guy that blew the whistle on the underground base at the airport.Phillip Schneider Investigation

A Small Introduction
Intro by Cynthia Drayer
My name is Cynthia Drayer, I live in Portland, Oregon, and I am the ex-wife of Philip Schneider. Philip and I met in 1986, were married in Carson City, Nevada, and had a daughter, Marie, in 1987. We were divorced in 1990 and lived in separate residences. Philip lived in an apartment complex in Wilsonville, Oregon. On 1/17/1996 I received a call that Philip was dead in his apartment and apparently had died up to a week before his body was discovered. At the time of the removal of his body, his cause of death was by a stroke. When I went to the funeral home I had feelings of discomfort about his death. I asked to view the body, but due to decomposition, the funeral director suggested otherwise. I wanted to be sure, in my own mind,. that Philip had not died under "unnatural causes". For the last two years of his life, Philip had been on the "lecture tour" throughout the United States, talking out about government coverups. You name it, he was talking about it: Aliens (treaties and abductions), UFO's, the One World Government, Black Budgets, Underground Mountain Bases, CIA involvement in civilian murders and drugs, Stealth technology, the Philadelphia Experiment, Operation Crossroads (Bikini Island A-bomb experiments), Dulce Fire Fight, the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade Center bombing, missing children, Gunderson Freight Cars, the opening of concentration camps and Marshal Law/UN involvement, man-made viruses and earthquakes, etc.etc.
A day later, I received a call from the Clackamas County Detectives, that the funeral director had found "something" around Philip's neck. An autopsy was performed at the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's office (in Portland, Oregon) by Dr. Gunson, and she determined that Philip had committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three times around his neck, and half-knotting it in front. There are several reasons why I believe that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered:

1. There was no suicide note.

2. Philip always told his friends and relatives, that if he ever "committed suicide" you would know that he had been murdered.

3. From a number of sources, including his taped lectures (video and audio), and statements to his friends, and the borrowing of a 9mm gun, Philip felt that he and his family were being threatened and were in danger because of his lecutres.

4. All of his lecture materials, alien metals, higher math books, photographs of UFO's coming out of the Operation Crossroad A-Bomb, notes for his book on the alien agenda, were missing. (Everything else in the apartment was still there, including gold coins, wallet with hundreds of dollars, jewelry, mineral specimens, etc.)

5. No coroner ever came out to his apartment after his body was found (against Oregon Law) - and a police investigation never took under consideration that items were missing from his apartment - it was considered a suicide, plain and simple

6. The medical examiner took blood and urine samples at the autopsy but REFUSED to analyse them, saying that the county would not "waste their money on a suicide". Although I was assurred that the samples would be kept for 12 months, when I asked for these samples to be sent to an independant lab 11 months later they were "missing" and presumed "destroyed".

7. Philip had missing fingers on his left hand, and limited motion in his shoulders. I believe that it was physically impossible for Philip to have held the rubber hose in his left hand with missing fingers and then wrap the hose three times with shoulders that had limited motion. In order to end up where his body was, he had to sit on the edge of his bed, wrap the hose around his neck, slowly and painfully strangle to death, and fallen head first into a wheel chair.

8. Philip was an expert in chemicals and his own medical needs. He had mutiple pills at hand that could have ended his life quickly and painlessly. He also had a 9mm gun that he had borrowed to protect himself. Why strangle himself in such an unusual manner?

9. Philip was very religious, and did not believe in suicide. He had intense chronic pain all of the time I knew him. At the time of his death, he was on disability, had a housekeeper, and had cancer. The operation to help him with his back pain did not aleviate the pain and he had brittle bone syndrome (osteoperosis). He struggled every day, not to die, but to live. He felt that these lectures he gave was making a difference, and was looking forward to giving more. In fact he was scheduled for another lecture tour that started 1/16/96 in Tampa, Florida. He had just found a friend who was going to help him write a book about the New World Order, and he was enjoying his time with his daughter.

10. Philip was undergoing "injections" of "Beta Serone" every week in an experiment to stop his mutiple sclerosis. After his death I contacted the only agency that conducted these experiments to obtain his medical record (OHSU). They had never heard of him, and he was not a part of their experiments. This would suggest people unknown were injecting him on a weekly basis with an unknown substance. He often times called me after these "shots" to tell me that he was too sick for his daughter to come and visit. I believe that the shots that Philip thought were being given to him to help him back to health, were actually being given to him to make him sick.

11. Philip was seen with an "unknown blonde haired woman" for several months before his death. Several times this same individual was seen or talked about and her mysterious presence only leads one to wonder if she had anything to do with his "suicide".

12. Several people with psychic abilities have indicated that Philip did not commit suicide, but was murdered (some say by 5 people: 4 men and 1 woman, 4 directly and one by taking out a "contract".

It is perhaps important to know WHY Philip began lecturing.
Firstly: His background was as a Structural Engineer. He was an expert on explosives and their effects on geologic structures. He worked under two social security numbers. Most of his early work in underground mountain bases with Morrison-Knudsen was done using the wrong social security number. I was later able to prove that he had two numbers through the social security office when I applied for his daughter's death benefits. He worked for the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Navy with the same wrong number. Only after he obtained SSI in 1981 did his "real" number come into play. He always told me that he had a Rhyolitic Clearance and that his father had a Cosmic Clearance from his work with NATO. And that is the second reason why Philip began lecturing.

Secondly: On top of his first hand knowledge about underground mountain bases and government black budgets, and the alien agendas (he was one of the survivors of the Dulce Fire Fight with aliens in New Mexico) his father was also involved in government black projects. When Philip's father, Captain Oscar Schneider, Medical Doctor, United States Navy, died in 1993, Philip discovered documents and photographs in his father's basement which proved that Oscar had been involved in both the Philadelphia Experiment and Operation Crossroads. Philip now had letters written in the 1940's and 1950's showing that Oscar helped to isolate the crewmembers of the Philadelphia Experiment and that Oscar later autopsied them as they died. He also had photographs of UFO's fleeing through mushroom clouds after the A-bomb was dropped above the lagoon at Bikini Atoll. This was "Operation Crossroads" and Oscar was involved in medical examinations of the animals and humans exposed to radiation after the bomb was dropped.

Thirdly: I believe the main reason why Philip began to lecture was due to the "murder" of his friend Ron Rummel. Ron was found in a park in Portland in Sept. 1993. The police believed that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth. However, if you read the detectives report, there is blow-back blood on Ron's hand, but NO BLOW-BACK BLOOD ON THE GUN. The only way this could happen is if Ron had wiped the gun off AFTER he had shot himself in the mouth. Ron, Philip, and 5 other people had been collaberating on a little magazine called "The Alien Digest". It was starting to get a fairly wide circulation, when Ron was found in the park. Philip felt that his friend had been murdered, and decided that it was time to get everything out into the open, so he began "spilling the beans", and ripped up his security clearance card.
Pufori, through Jeroen Wierda, is one of several agencies and individuals that have taken up the call for justice in Philip's death.

My hopes are:

1. That Philip's death certificate will eventually be amended with the true cause of his death: murder.

2. That the world will come to know the truth about aliens, UFO's, the government cover-ups, black budgets, etc. and how they are affecting us.

3. That assets that belong to his only heir, Marie, can be located and turned over to her.

4. That Philip's true work quarters can be proven by people coming forward with information about knowing him before 1981, and that his daughter can eventually obtain the death benefits she deserves.

5. That no more "murders by suicide" ever occur to another individual.

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