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Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11/2011 - DARPA Loses Contact With New Hypersonic Vehicle

Just in on CNN, I find this pretty interesting that they're talking about it on TV.

Update 12:29pET- DARPA says it could not regain contact with HTV2 but the hypersonic wedge can terminate its flight autonomously.

It can fly from New York to L.A. in less than 12 minutes, pretty incredible! 

Here's a more in depth article from Yahoo, worth a read!

The HTV-2 vehicle was expected to reach suborbital space, then re-enter Earth's atmosphere and glide at hypersonic speed to demonstrate controllable flight at velocities of around Mach 20, which is about 13,000 mph. At that speed, more than 20 times the speed of sound, a vehicle could fly from New York City to Los Angeles in 12 minutes, DARPA officials said.

Interesting about that new vehicle. MACH 20 is bitchin fast!!

I cant help but wonder, are we being just told about this incredible vehicle and its incredible speed so that the next time we see a UFO moving at stupid speeds, we'll all blow it off and say, "Aww, musta just been one dem new DARPA planes." 

This is the second time they've lost control of this type of craft.... 2 flights, 2 losses.


I think the aliens are snatching these up, just like the missile they shot down. 

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