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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


DID FORMER PRESIDENT Eisenhower MEET WITH E.T.'S? - Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief

The Covert World of UFO Crash Retrievals

The evidence concerning UFO crashes and their covert 
retrieval by highly specialized teams is extensive and persuasive... 

1. January, 20, 1996 - Varginha, Brazil 
The Varginha Incident. 
"As many as six alien creatures were captured or killed 
and turned over to American authorities." 

2. May, 6, 1978 - El Taire Mountain, Bolivia 
UFO crash in Bolivia witnessed by thousands of people. 
"On May 6, 1978, at about 4:15 p.m., something crashed 
into a mountain near El Taire." 

3. March, 1968 - Berezovsky , Russian Federation 
Russia UFO crash and recovery, 1968. 
"This case comes from the so called "secret kgb files" 
appearently smuggled from the soviet union." 

4. October, 4, 1967 - Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada 
The Shag Harbour Incident. 
"A UFO some 60 feet in diameter was seen to hover over shag harbour. 
It then decended rapidly to the water with an explosive impact." 

5. December, 9, 1965 - Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, United States 
The Kecksburg UFO Crash. 
"The military quickly took control of the crash site and transported 
the object by army truck." 

6. 1957 - Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
The Ubatuba, Brazil Fragments. 
"The writer of the letter described an event in which a "flying disk" 
exploded over the beach at Ubatuba." 

7. July, 7, 1948 - 38 Miles South of Laredo (Texas), Mexico 
"Tomato Man" Photographs of Alien Body and the Laredo, Texas Crash. 
In 1978, a former Naval photographer released a series of photographs 
of the charred remains of a head and torso, which he claimed were extraterrestrial." 

8. 1948 - Aztec, New Mexico, United States 
Aztec, New Mexico UFO Crash Recovery of 1948. 
"Fank Scully clamied there had been up to 4 recoveries 
of alien bodies at a crash site in aztec." 

9. July, 3, 1947 - Roswell, New Mexico, United States 
Roswell UFO Incident, Crash and Recovery. 
"In 1947 a ufo crashed in roswell and was quickly taken 
by the military who claim the spacecraft was a balloon." 

10. 1947 - Socorro, New Mexico, United States 
The "Alien Autopsy" Film, Socorro, NM 1947 UFO Crash. 
"business man Ray Santailli launched his alien autopsy 
film that generated world wide attention." 

11. August, 16, 1945 - San Antonio, New Mexico, United States 
New Mexico UFO Crash Encounter In 1945. 
"Two young boys in mexico stumble upon the remains of what 
they believe to be an alien spacecraft." 

12. April, 1941 - Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States 
UFO Crash and Retrieval in Missouri, 1941. 

"Reverend William Huffman was summoned to pray over alien crash 
victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941. 
He was shown three victims, not human as expected, but small alien 
bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and hairless." 

I know some of these are artist impressions but you have to admit 
there are TONS of ufo crash stories with lots of witnesses, even before roswell. 


As the witness combed through the metallic and lava-like debris, he came across several small fragments of a paper-like substance with printed writing on them. They almost seemed like scraps from a newspaper, except for one important difference – the language was of a character unknown to anyone. Gazing in wonder at the strange writing, the observer became aware that “the language in both was entirely foreign to him, and, in fact, no one has yet been found who has ever seen such a language before.” 

This is another that i dont think has been covered. Very interesting indeed.

Heres another

The Mexico's Roswell: 1974 COYAME, Chihuahua (close to the US-Mexican Border) 

Link to History Channel 

"Artifacts Recovered" (photos & documents) from Plains of San Augustin New Mexico July 1947 UFO Crash Site by Chuck Wade excavation 2004 &

 UFOlogy: An Inconvenient Timeline (for TPTB)

The timing of all of these can't all JUST be 'coincidence', can it(?): 

The Battle of Los Angeles - February 1942 - the first mass UFO sighting in America, on record 
[it even aired on CBS Radio and Television] 

Operation Paperclip - May 1945 thru March 1946 - the recruitment and absorption of almost 2,000 Nazi scientists and technicians, but more importantly the denial of their expertise and research to other 'non allied forces'. 

Roswell UFO Incident - July 1947 - arguably THE most famous UFO/alien case in the world, or at the very least, our nation's history - strange timing considering all the work/resources that justbecame available to the U.S., no? 

But, here's where it gets real interesting... 

National Security Act established in July 1947 - supposedly (and certainly, partially) in response to the aftermath of World War II. 

Inception of both the US Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency - September 1947 

Majestic 12 - September 1947 - purported code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman, whose purpose was to investigate UFO activity. 

Project Sign late 1947 --which became--> Project Grudge in 1949 --which became--> Project Bluebook in 1952 - which had 2 goals: 
1. to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security, and 
2. to scientifically analyze UFO-related data. 

Then, as if a direct slap in the face to ALL of these efforts was the (also) highly publicized and mass-witnessed, Washington DC UFO Incident in July 1952 [unedited video footage] 


Either, the Powers that Be (governmental, military, secretive) quietly - and suddenly - acknowledged that 'strange things are afoot at the Circle K' or were directly responsible for said 'strange things' - take your pick - it's one or the other.

I've always thought that Hitler/Nazis and their far superior capabilities technologically (at that time) should've been looked at with a little more scrutiny: 

- Were the Germans selected by an advanced civ (for whatever reason) to be the liaison between them and earthlings? 
- Hitler's Aryan obsession may have had to do with creating the perfect race to interact with this (these) advanced civ(s) - after all, mind control experiments at Montauk et al had shown that whatever attributes gave them the heavily sought after blond hair & blue eyes, also made them more susceptible to and capable of mind control exercises. 
- Maybe Hitler was trying to accomplish something, via the wrong methods(?): maybe whatever traits were inherent in the typical Jew were not conducive to the advanced civs plans, thus the necessity to eradicate the 'unpure' subjects 
- clearly they were experimenting with other advanced technologies like time travel and anti-gravity - this information and direction had to come from SOMEwhere 
- It is no wonder that Hitler was confident that 'his race' was superior to everything else on the earth, and with these advanced technologies in his back pocket, there was no reason for him to believe that his army wouldn't eventually conquer the world. 

Bottom line: I think what the Germans were working on back in the 40s, coupled with what projects seemlessly continued here in the U.S. - and ceased in Germany after Op PaperClip - are testament to the fact the SOMEONE was being fed significant, advanced ideas from SOMEWHERE.

 UFO activity... 
Creation of special Government Orgs... 
Technological advances skyrocket exponentially... 

ALL starting around the same time. (a little coincidental) 

The Robertson Panel (1952) was a committee commissioned by the Central Intelligence Agency in response to widespread reports of unidentified flying objects, especially in the Washington, D.C. area. The panel was briefed on U.S. military activities and intelligence; hence the report was originally classified Secret.

Later declassified, the Robertson Panel's report concluded that UFOs were not a direct threat to national security, but could pose an indirect threat by overwhelming standard military communications due to public interest in the subject.

The Robertson Panel concluded that a public relations campaign should be undertaken in order to "debunk" UFOs, and reduce public interest in the subject, and that civilian UFO groups should be monitored. 


“Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that unknown flying objects are nonsense.”

-Former CIA Director, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, public statement, 1960 

Bilderberg Group first created and began meeting in 1954

For those living in a cave...

The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of around 130 guests, most of whom are people of influence in the fields of politics, banking, business, the military and media. Each conference is closed to the public.

The original conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem in the Netherlands, from 29 May to 31 May 1954.

Source: Wiki

It is no longer up for debate as to whether this group exists, or how high a level its membership goes. The only speculation is what could be so fantastically important that these people get together all at once and dicsuss - you KNOW this subject is on their agenda, if not the entire reason FOR it. 

And, still more within the same timeline as above/the others:

It has long been rumored that Pres. Eisenhower met with the Greys and even made treaty with them (which is now, broken, if you've been keeping up with that stuff) - whether or not you think this to be fantasy, is irrelevent - the date of this supposed meeting? You guessed it...February, 1954 - right in line!

 Despite the Air Force and CIA inception, the other programs and events are very prominent.  Blue Book was just a PR program on behalf of the Air Force imo. It was really the intent to explain away the real phenomena while at the same time studying these objects all along. Hyneck pretty much exposed these facts. The real name of Blue Book/Sign/Grudge should have been project smoke screen  

Lets not rock the boat and pay attention THEY do not like it 

Furthermore, I think you better familiarize yourself with Leslie Kean's new book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On Record, because you're going to be hearing a lot about it. 
[Official Linkage] 

Now concerning the Vatican, you may find it interesting that - directly from Vatican Film Library informational pamphlet: From July 2007, the library has been temporarily closed to the public for rebuilding, which is expected to be completed by September 2010.

So, it's been closed for 3 years and still isn't open - how incredibly convenient, for the world's largest and most complete archives of human history be off limits at such a critical time... 

also check re the following..... 

- 1st Fighter Wing - 1947 
- 28th Bomb Wing - 1947 
- 2d Bomb Wing - 1947 
- 301st Air Refueling Wing - 1947 
- 307th Strategic Wing - 1947 
- 31st Fighter Wing - 1947 
- 33d Fighter Wing - 1947 
- 43d Airlift Wing - 1947 
- 49th Armored Division (United States) - 1947 
- 4th Fighter Wing - 1947 
- 56th Fighter Wing - 1947 
- 7th Bomb Wing - 1947 
- 82d Training Wing - 1947 
- 92d Air Refueling Wing - 1947 
- 93d Air Ground Operations Wing - 1947 
- 97th Air Mobility Wing - 1947 
- 98th Range Wing - 1947 

- Canadian Special Air Service Company - 1947 


Something interesting about your link.

All Now concerning the above 'units' that were established in 1947. What's missing? Germay.

But, go back to 1944...

9th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
18th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
36th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
45th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
47th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
61st Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
62nd Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
78th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
79th Volksgrenadier Division (Germany)
91st Infantry Division (Germany) 

I was merely showing that the new German divisions stopped just before the end of the war after he showed that American divisions picked way up.

Just a notable coincidence. Not really saying much, and I don't hold this bullet point as much evidence to help prove my theory.

 Something ELSE to add to that timeline: Bilderberg Group created in 1954

 Technology. Our inability to explain some of it (still), or better explain its history/origins. Specifically, and to quote myself from another thread... 

I want someone, just once, to explain the 10s of 1000s of reports, by credible (many times, technical) witnesses, that describe objects that perform maneuvers and speeds absolutely impossible to achieve with current technology or human capability/sustainability. 

I understand that our government's technological capabilities FAR exceed what is available to the general public, as has always been the case, but these reports have been going on for centuries - we've only recently been able to describe - in quantifiable terms - what was actually being done by these objects. 

But, our 'commercial' technology (for lack of a better term) is usually realtively close behind military innovation. These objects have been around forever, and we still cannot immulate. 

Either that, OR, our government is much further ahead than we would like to believe, thereby implying that such earth/civilization saving technologies like free/renewable energy are long past discovered and being withheld from humanity (being that they've apparently learned how to manipulate gravity(anti)). 

Can't have it both ways. 

edit on 10/20/2010 by SquirrelNutz because: added example video

 I thought it was pretty common knowledge that many have speculated that Nazi scientists were the first to work with supposed alien technology. And, I'm talking much deeper than The Glock* (Bell). And then post WWII (and post Operation Paperclip), all of a sudden UFO activity in the United States and our military's capabilities pick WAY up. (thought we also said that a few pages back)

There's good reason why the 3rd Reich thought they would eventually rule the planet. They had technology on their side. Whoever has the best scientists and technology, has the best military; whoever has the best military, rules the world (look at the US, now (and, ever since... WWII)). Thank goodness the old diamond in the rough for the US was Oppenheimer, that changed the game. From then on, the US has been the big boy on the block.

And, why is it, that it's American authorities that are involved of many/most UFO crash retrievals? (in other countries) - check out The Covert World of UFO Crash Retrievals

*And, the evidence for the Nazi 'Bell' goes beyond the supposed 'restraining tower' that we all now recognize to be a water tower stand. I've also seen compelling arguments that the Nazi's (or something in collaboration with) made it to the moon 25 years before us (looky there... 1944) - There's always the possibility that the 'apparent' defeat of Germany was a screen. The Axis fell to the Allies, but suppose that the Nazi regime carried on in S. America and Antarctica. After the war, many German scientists wound up working for Uncle Sam and the Space program...but not all of them. Question...are all the Nazis gone? 

The timing of all of these can't all JUST be 'coincidence', can it(?):

The Battle of Los Angeles - February 1942 - the first mass UFO sighting in America, on record
[it even aired on CBS Radio and Television]

Operation Paperclip - May 1945 thru March 1946 - the recruitment and absorption of almost 2,000 Nazi scientists and technicians, but more importantly the denial of their expertise and research to other 'non allied forces'.

Roswell UFO Incident - July 1947 - arguably THE most famous UFO/alien case in the world, or at the very least, our nation's history - strange timing considering all the work/resources that just became available to the U.S., no?

But, here's where it gets real interesting...

National Security Act
Inception of both the US Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency - September 1947

Then, as if a direct slap in the face to ALL of these efforts was the (also) highly publicized and mass-witnessed, Washington DC UFO Incident in July 1952 [unedited video footage]


Either, the Powers that Be (governmental, military, secretive) quietly - and suddenly - acknowledged that 'strange things are afoot at the Circle K' or were directly responsible for said 'strange things' - take your pick - it's one or the other.

It's a compelling time frame and not too many folks are familiar with the sudden and curious founding of the commercial titanium industry in late 1948.

Why is the US the ultimate authority, it seems? 

To see what I'm talking about, and point you to a thread that you've already taken an interest in (posted multiple times), check out Peruvian Air Force pilot shoots at UFO. 

Here's what I'm talking about... 


'History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television'

For those that are interested in this sort of thing, there's a good article below about the 'History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television' and it contains some interesting speculation about certain aspects of the UFO subject, especialy the 'treatment' it receives from the corporate media - there's also some good points made about the work of Major Donald Keyhoe, Walt Disney and Stephen Spielberg, as well as some interesting reading concerning the USAF, the CIA and the Pentagon. This presentation also raises some intriguing questions about media-government collusion, censorship and precision propaganda.
'History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television'
A major new article on the subject on government manipulation of UFO-themed media products is accessible from today as an advance publication for the Spring 2011 issue of 49th Parallel - a journal of North American Studies jointly run through the UK universities of Birmingham and Nottingham. This is one of only a small handful of articles dealing with UFOs and entertainment-media-control ever to have been published in a peer-reviewed academic journal, and is all the more unusual in that it treats UFOs not as a mere cultural abstraction, but as a real, physical phenomenon of considerable concern to officialdom..
PDF file
Rcanem, thanks for the reply -it's certainly a good read and Stephen Spielberg's comments are quite interesting -here he is discussing the work of Dr J. Allen Hynek on the film 'Close encounters of the third kind' and, I don't know if you've seen it, but Easynow has authored an excellent thread hereconcerning the 1966 Portage County incident which inspired the police UFO chase from the film.  The government’s historical engagement with such fare can most thoroughly be discussed with regard to the Department of Defense (DoD), which has worked extensively with Hollywood in exchange for the right to edit scripts for sixty years there's also a relevant excerpt below from Richard Dolan's (excellent) book 'UFOs and the National Security State' about the U.S. Intelligence communities 'penetration' of mainstream press and it seems they've been at it for quite a while.
..In addition ,the history of the U.S. media shows unsettling developments,not least of which is penetration by the intelligence community. By the early 1950s,the CIA had cosy relationships with most major media executives in America. The most significant of these were with the New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, New York Herald Tribune, Saturday Evening Post, Miami Herald, Time-Life, CBS News, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, Hearst Newspapers, The Associated Press, United Press International, The Mutual Broadcasting System and Reuters. In addition ,the CIA had major ownership over many proprietary publications throughtout Europe,Asia and the Americas. By the early 1970s the agency admitted to having working relationships with over four hundred American journalists. Consider the possiblities with four hundred strategically placed people throughout the mainstream media. There is evidence that this relationship continues..
That the pentagon has a hand in the
sanitisation of the military’s public image through its removal of a key character in Black Hawk Down (2002) who in real life had been convicted of raping a twelve-year-old boy. When it refused to cooperate on the feature film Counter Measures (1998) on the grounds that it did not want to remind the public of the Iran-Contra scandal, or when it removed a joke about “losing Vietnam” in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
. is quite unsurprising. 
the corporate media collusion aspect of the UFO subject is certainly a very interesting (and relevant) one - talking of the CIA and the 'acclimatization' of the public, there's some pretty interesting comments at the beginning of this video about the 'management of public perception' in regard to the UFO subject - there's also some pretty revealing government documentation below dealing with 'the creation of the correction of public opinion' 
CIA Document referring to this RAF 'flying disc' incident over Yorkshire, England,1952:
"In some RAF field, there was some sort of demonstration to which high officials of the RAF in London had been invited. During the show, a 'perfect flying saucer' was seen by these officials as well as RAF pilots. So many people saw it that many articles appeared in the public press. This is distressing to Dr Jones because he realises that the creation of the correction of public opinion is a part of his responsibilities."
This is an early policy document focused on a strategy for "explaining" UFOs to the public and "working" with the media. For example: "...for those times where the object is not explainable, it would be well to advise your people to say something on this order. "The information on this sighting will be analyzed by the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Dayton, Ohio," and leave it at that..."
Anyone who wants to read more about media treatment of the UFO topic should get a copy of Terry Hansen's book "The Missing Times: Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up".   it does not surprise me that the DoD has tried to influence public opinion of not only the UFO phenomenon but of how they are portrayed as well. This gives weight to the earlier sightings of the 40's and 50's but it becomes real easy to recreate modern sightings making them easier to be classified as hoaxes. Could be a lot of these hoaxes are intentional as well, in order to put a bad light on the subject as a whole. One of the authors, Robbie Graham, runs a pretty good blog called Silver Screen Saucers. It's good enough to visit every week or so and see what's new. He's got some interesting ideas and it helps that he's only really getting to know people in the ufology world this year. Not really being connected to ufology is a very good thing imo and allows people to have an opinion without worrying about upsetting others. Although there is ample evidence of perception management coming from Hollywood, how many studies have looked at the same thing within ufology? Some of it is based entirely on commercial interests...other elements keep singing from the same hymn-sheet out of personal loyalties and ties. Some of the ufologists are always directing attention towards official cover-ups and supporting some awful BS...deeply suspect. Are they just as big a part of perception management? Do they represent the same core interests?  Terry Hansen - there's a realy good interview with him below where he discusses the media/UFO connection and he makes some pretty astute points. 
Tim Binnall Interview:
A longtime goal of binnall's was completed on August 11th, 2005, when he interviewed Terry Hansen, author of "The Missing Times", for BoA. In this in-depth interview, we discuss Hansen's background prior to writing his book, what brought him to studying the UFO/media connection, complicity v. conspiracy with regards to the media's coverage of the UFO phenomenon, historical precendence that suggests a government/media cooperative, local media v. national media, the role of propaganda and disinformation and the various methods used to employ them.
Spielberg article about Ronald Reagan's comments after the Whitehouse screening of E.T.  
Reagan wasn't joking, and Spielberg knows it
According to Spielberg, Reagan did not address his remarks to him personally, but rather - and more remarkably - to all guests in the room collectively (some of whom were astronauts). Here is what happened in Spielberg's own words: "It was in the White House screening room and Reagan got up to thank me for bringing the film to show the President, the First Lady and all of their guests, which included Sandra Day O’Connor in her first week of as a Justice of the Supreme Court, and it included some astronauts… I think Neil Armstrong was there, I’m not 100% certain, but it was an amazing, amazing evening. He just stood up and he looked around the room, almost like he was doing a headcount, and he said, 'I wanted to thank you for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie,' and then he looked around the room and said, 'And there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.' And he said it without smiling! But he said that and everybody laughed, by the way. The whole room laughed because he presented it like a joke, but he wasn’t smiling as he said it."....
Continued at link
As for the corporate media I do think 'Russia Today' is one of the more responsible news outlets - they did quite a fair piece on Leslie Kean's new book and were the only agency to cover the Argentine government's decision to commission a new UFO investigative committee - the vids are below in case you missed them but unfortunately one of them is in Spanish.

 Massive UFO disclosure in USA

Section 1 : Introduction

I have a challenge for members of ATS, outlined below (particularly in Section 7).  A massive amount of UFO documentation has been made available online.  No, I’m not talking about the relatively small volume of FBI material that got so much press and blog coverage in 2011…  No, I’m not talking about the documents made available online by Canada, Australia, Britain, France or other European countries in the last few years…  I am talking about the online publication of over 129,000 pages of UFO reports, US Air Force documentation, including sighting reports, internal memoranda, statistical analyses, project reports, press releases and commentaries. That material includes a huge amount of documentation on some projects which are (in outline at least) fairly well known (including Project Sign, Project Grudge,Project Bluebook) in addition to material relating to various less well-known projects (including Project Twinkle and Project Stork).  You may be surprised to learn that this mass of documentation was made available FREE online in 2007/2008 The relevant website ( has hardly been mentioned on ATS and other UFO websites since it that mass of UFO documentation became available. (Two discussion threads on ATS went precisely nowhere when these documents were raised. I hope this thread does not suffer the same fate…).  This is possibly because examining that mass of material on the relevant website is, well, a pain in the backside and very time consuming (hence the challenge in Section 7) below…).  The relevant UFO documentation can be found on the website at the link below:  Since that mass of UFO documentation became available on the website, that resource has generally been ignored by members of ATS (with a few exceptions). Indeed, quite a few people have made comments on ATS, on other UFO websites and in some recently published UFO books stating or implying that the USA has not disclosed any UFO documents or that other countries have disclosed more documents than the USA. One recent article in a national newspaper in England stated that "The US Air Force had a secret unit that probed UFO sightings for 22 years", as if the relevant project (Project Bluebook) was not well known to the public at the time. I’ve become sufficiently irritated to write this thread (see Section 11 : Postscript …).  Most of this US Air Force material was available off-line for decades – just like the FBI material which was mistakenly reported in 2011 to have been “just released”. However, the number of researchers that looked at this mass of US Air Force material when it was off-line was relatively limited. Rather than look at the primary material, the authors of many UFO books and websites have been content to repeat summaries of that material written by a relatively small number of researchers. This has involved the repetition of errors and omissions made by that relatively small number of researchers. Also, a few more recent releases (including unredacted versions of some of the documents) mean that more investigation can be done of relevant issues.  Now that this material is available online (for free), there really isn’t much excuse for researchers continuing to fail to go back to the source material and see what has been missed.  Well, there is one excuse for failing to go back to this source material : the sheer mass of material – combined with a fairly slow and unhelpful means of accessing it – means that it is a quite painful to look at these documents on the website.  Basically, it is too much like hard work to examine this material on the website. After all, virtually all UFO researchers are indulging in ufological research as a hobby in (often limited) spare time. Work and family do not leave a lot of time or energy for the more boring detailed work that could be done. Brief comments on the latest Youtube video are much, much easier and generally as much fun…  So, can the mass of UFO material on be efficiently downloaded for research off-line? Once that is done, can some aids be developed for finding relevant material?  Is ATS (and the wider UFO community) up to this challenge?  Can the relevant technical issues be addressed here?  Over the years, I’ve been impressed by the technical abilities and computer savvy of members of ATS. This is an issue where ATS could get ahead of the wider UFO community.  We’ll see…  This post is split into the following sections:  Section 1 : This introduction  Section 2 : The USA has now made available online more UFO documents than other countries  Section 3 : FARmore UFO documentation is available online from the US Air Force than any other agency in the USA (including the FBI, CIA and NSA)  Section 4 : The witness reports on are not just “letters from farmers”  Section 5: The UFO documentation on is not limited to witness reports  Section 6 : There are significant gaps in Air Force FOIA documentation available on its website and via other official websites  Section 7 : The Challenge : Efficient Batch Downloading?  Section 8 : Guides to the documentation?  Section 9 : Conclusion  Section 10 : References  Section 11 : Postscript  The lack of discussion of this massive collection of UFO documentation from the USA does rather raise the question : Why do so many people call for documents relating to UFOs to be released but then not bother looking at them when they are released? Are many people just waiting for a document signed by a president which says : "UFO reports are caused by people seeing alien spaceships visiting Earth" and they aren't very interested in any other documents?

Section 2 : The USA has now made available online more UFO documents than other countries

In the last few years, quite a few countries have been making available online their archives of UFO reports. Some of those archives have included fairly substantial volumes of material (e.g. in France and Britain). Those releases are outside the scope of this thread, but I think it is worth referring to a thread started by Internos (“The state-of-art in UFO disclosure worldwide”) which highlights a paper by V-J Ballester Olmos which sought to present a concise chronological picture of the international history of releases of UFO archives. Similarly, another (less detailed) thread has also sought to cover the same ground – see List of Countries who have Disclosed/are Disclosing UFO Files. In many of the discussions of the releases during the last few years, various members of ATS have commented that it is time that the USA made a similar release of its archives of UFO reports. For example, in one of the relevant discussions (, one experienced researcher (“Free_Spirit”) argued in posts in that thread that the title was misleading when it referred to Denmark following the USA and that the OP was “lying”, since “the US government has never opened their UFO files” Similarly, in the thread ”Sweden to release UFO files could USA be next?”, franspeakfree commented “We are now running out of countries that are releasing their UFO documents,is the US going to be next”. I have found those comments (and the lack of challenge to such comments) to be a bit irritating given that the volume of material made available in the USA (particularly the Project Bluebook material on the website) exceeds the volume of material made available in other countries – yet the material in the USA has largely been ignored. For ease of reference, links to the items (including some relevant discussion threads) about the material released by countries other than the USA are briefly included below. I’ll first list the English language countries that have been reported to have released UFO documents in the last few years, i.e. Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand. English language : Australia Australia has made a limited volume of UFO documents available on the website of the National Archives of Australia (enter searches for “flying saucers” and “ufos”): One website I found useful in relation to Australian UFO documents is at the link below: Australian documents are briefly discussed in the ATS Thread English language : Britain Releases in Britain in the last few years have gained a large amount of international publicity, so are relatively well known. Relevant threads on ATS include the following: Now Britain is to release UFO files Britain to release 160 UFO files New release of UFO files in UK - March 2009 More UFO files released - UK February 2010 (including VIDEO overview showing images) Britain's latest batch of UFO files - March 2011 Britain’s UFO files include (in addition to numerous UFO sighting reports) several reports analysing the phenomenon, including the Project Condign report. That report is discussed in my thread Project Condign - A valuable official report.
Paragraph 1 of the Executive Summary of the Condign Report includes the following:
… That UAP exist is indisputable… and [they] clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile – either manned or unmanned. 
English language : Canada Canadian UFO files can be found on the government website at the link below The full list of files can be obtained by leaving the search form at that link blank and then performing a search. Relevant threads on ATS include: Canadian UFO files More Canadian UFO govt files Official canadian investigation concludes UFOs"probably extraterrestrial" English language : New Zealand For discussion of the release of UFO documents in New Zealand, see the ATS thread at entitled”New Zealand to disclose UFO files - within a week”  Other countries – Foreign languages (in alphabetical order)  For threads on ATS relating to the release of UFO documents in Brazil, see:  Brazil UFO Disclosure Reports Now Available To View  Breaking News: Brazil Declassifies New Set UFO Secrets Documents  For threads on ATS relating to the release of UFO documents in Denmark, see:  Strange Photograph Released In Danish Department Of Defense Report!  For threads on ATS relating to the release of UFO documents in Ecuador, see:  Ecuador has released all of its UFO files  2 UFOs Chased by Military Jets Ecuador, English translation  For threads on ATS relating to the release of UFO documents in France see France releases UFO files  Those French files they can be found online at the link below:  See in particular the section entitled "Recherche" at:  For threads on ATS relating to the (inaccurate?) reports of the release of UFO documents in Russia see Russia Discloses/Releases UFO Files and Russian Navy UFO Records Declassified  For threads on ATS relating to the release of UFO documents in Sweden, see: ”Sweden to release UFO files could USA be next?”  For threads on ATS relating to the release of UFO documents in Uruguay, see Uruguay ~ Declassified UFO Files 

Section 3 : FARmore UFO documentation is available online from the US Air Force than any other agency in the USA (including the FBI, CIA and NSA)

Documentation produced by the FBI, CIA and NSA appears to be regarded as more exciting and sexier than documentation produced by the US Air Force. A few documents from those agencies have received much more attention in the last few years than the Air Force documentation. In fact, as can be seen from looking at the UFO documentation released by the FBI, CIA and NSA (and other websites containing documentation from agencies in the USA other than the US Air Force), the volume of US Air Force material on the FAR outweighs the volume of material released by other agencies in the USA. For ease of reference, links to the material released by those other agencies (and links to relevant discussion threads) are briefly included below. Many non-governmental websites purport to contain UFO documents generated by US governmental agencies, but the contents are often not verified. Most such websites fail to distinguish between those documents which have questionable origins (e.g. the various MJ-12 documents) and those documents obtained as a result of Freedom Of Information Act requests. An honourable exception is the CUFON website, which includes a section on verified documents, with helpful brief comments. Another under-appreciated non-governmental website is the unofficial Bluebook Archive website, which made quite a few Project Bluebook documents available online. It has been dwarfed by the release, but is still relevant for a few reasons (not least is its inclusion of various unredacted documents which appear with redactions on the website). Probably the best known non-governmental website containing UFO documentation is, of course, theBlack Vault website. It contains a large section on UFO documents from various US government agencies, but is somewhat difficult to navigate and is very incomplete. Given the volume of UFO documentation online of doubtful provenance, it is highly desirable to focus on official websites. The websites of quite a few US Government agencies include sections on UFOs. These usually give a good indication of the response that will be received if a blanket request is made in the USA under the Freedom Of Information Act (“FOIA”) to that agency for documents relating to UFOs. Every year or two, these documents are re-discovered by some newspaper or researcher, leading to reports of documents having been “just released” (e.g. as with the FBI documents in 2011 and2007). The FBI’s “Vault” website contains a total of about 1,600 pages of short (often almost illegible) memoranda and letters relating to UFOs. My personal favourite sequence of documents within the FBI files relates to the memo dated 24 September 1947 from FBI Assistant Director D M Ladd to FBI Director J Edgar Hoover summarises, and attaches, a memo dated 23 September 1947 from Colonel R H Smith (Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence) revealing that the FBI had been asked to assist the Air Force in UFO investigations “to relieve the numbered Air Forces of the task of tracking down all the many instances which turned out to be ash can covers, toilet seats and whatnot”. However, another FBI document has received much more attention over the years, i.e. a memo to the Director of the FBI (Hoover) by Special Agent Guy Hottel (SAC Washington) dated 22 March 1950 (see image koi_t19500322_1 below), which I discussed in my thread Debunked! The FBI alien bodies memo – A case study in the reinvention of the wheel and is on the FBI’s own website at the link below:
The CIA’s webpage includes a search function which can be used to search for UFO document. The resulting list of files is somewhat difficult to navigate. An article entitled “A Die-Hard Issue : CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90” by Gerald K Haines (a National Reconnaissance Office historian) is a useful, if somewhat controversial, guide to the CIA’s UFO documents. (For some balance, see also Bruce Maccabee’s comments on the most controversial part of the Gerald Haines’ article). The most commonly mentioned CIA documents are probably those relating to the Robertson Panel (see Karl12’s thread The Robertson Panel: UFOs and Ridicule, which includes this video of Terry Hansen discussing the Robertson Panel report: The memo below was prepared following the meeting of the Robertson Panel and reflected its conclusions and recommendations. The most controversial sections recommended a program with the aim of “debunking” UFOs and the monitoring of civilian UFO groups. A few relevant pages of that memo are embedded below:
The NSA’s website includes a fairly limited number of UFO documents. Several of these are, however, quite interesting. They include the infamous “UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions” document. As indicated by the threads below, various NSA documents have been discussed repeatedly on ATS: “Disclosure NSA Style” “NSA releases UFO documents online. We are not alone!” “NSA releases 29 messages from space?” Those documents include several relating to the Tehran incident, discussed in the video below from Paul Kimball’s “Best Evidence” documentary: The NSA documents relating to this incident at the link above include the following:
The Department of Defense’s webpage on UFOs includes a concise summary of the USA Government’s position in relation to UFOs and links to a selection of relevant Government documents. These include links to rather large PDF files of the full text of the US Air Force’s “Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert” report on Roswell (1995) and its subsequent “Case Closed” report on Roswell (1997). The Navy’s FOIA website includes a UFO “fact sheet” at: 

Section 4 : The witness reports on are not just “letters from farmers”

In one recent thread about UFO documents in which I referred to documents released by the USA and was told such documents would only comprise letters from farmers. In fact, the witness reports aren’t just the ones “from farmers”. The reports released include sightings by military personnel, pilots, policemen, astronomers and many others. While many of the incidents have only a handful of documents (indicating the superficial nature of most of the investigations), a smaller number of incidents have a surprisingly large number of documents. If you have seen one or two documents online in association with some of the classic cases, you may be surprised by the number (and content) of relevant documents online. For example, the Project Bluebook documents include quite a few relevant photographs and documents relating to the classic Socorro sighting in 1964. Many of you will know that on 24 April 1964, there was a report of a landed UFO with nearby crew by Deputy Lonnie Zamora sighting near Socorro, New Mexico. This incident came first in a survey in 1965 by Jacques Vallee of the opinion of various UFO groups as to the most significant UFO sightings. J Allen Hynek has said this incident was “one of the soundest, best substantiated reports as far as it goes”. It was also included in a list of twenty UFO cases produced by Bruce Maccabee in 1999 in response to a challenge to produce “the best evidence for an extraterrestrial origin for the UFO phenomenon”. For anyone not familiar with this incident, a relevant video is embedded below: I have made available a list of references to discussion of this incident in about 180 UFO books in a table can be sorted by author, date and length of discussion by clicking on the relevant word in the top line of the table on an early draft of my UFO website at: Despite being a very well known sighting, the Project Bluebook documentation in relation to that Socorro sighting does not seem to be looked at by many people. For example, in 2009 ufologist Anthony Bragalia posted an article which claims that "the truth is now revealed", alleging that the sighting "was a hoax" : see THE SOCORRO UFO HOAX EXPOSED! (Famous 1964 sighting was a college prank). A follow-up article by Anthony Bragalia claimed that the physical evidence points to a prank, stating that a “single buried sentence” in the Project Bluebook documents which refer to “charred cardboard” found at the scence “speaks volumes” and makes the following comments:
The "charred cardboard" found at the site by AF investigators is an extremely important detail that does not seem to have ever been brought up by "civilian" UFO investigators who support Soccoro as an ET or secret aerocraft event. And of course the reason for this is obvious: such mundane material should not be there if it were ET or if it was an experimental vehicle. Instead, this "find" is indicative of something very terrestrial. This is because "charred cardboard" makes complete sense when considering the event as a student-created hoax: Pyrotechnics could very well account for the found material. Such cardboard tubes or "casings" are used in shell inserts, bottle rockets and fireworks. When ignited, such spent explosives leave a a distinct charred cardboard appearance upon cooling. Burned cardboard and cardboard powder char are left in their wake. … Or perhaps the charred cardboard came from the "craft" itself. One NM Tech Professor speculated that the "craft" seen by Lonnie was a large white balloon. In fact, Lonnie's immediate reaction was to characterize it as a balloon. He even radioed to his partner: "It looks like a balloon." The Professor believes that this balloon may have been "over-fitted" with white coated craftboard (or light cardboard) to create the "landing struts" and other features. Such cardboard or craftboard material may well have ignited and charred at the bottom- potentially leaving such cardboard residue as was observed by AF investigators. 
I am not aware of any of the numerous responses to those articles actually pointing to another relevant document in the Project Bluebook files which rather undermines Anthony Bragalia’s argument. That other document a letter from Hynek to Menzel dated 29 April 1965 in which Hynek refers to having personally picked up some cardboard "at the landing site". Hynek’s letter discussed the possibility of a hoax in quite a bit of detail. There are numerous points made in that letter which undermine the recent allegations of a hoax. For example, I think it is important to note that Hynek (i.e. the person that collected the cardboard) noted at the time that it was charred but also had "plainly been weathered quite some time and is hardly the kind that would have been used to fake a model of a spaceship".|8695713
During 2009 I found it surprising that nobody else seems to have pointed to that document on any of the numerous websites which discussed Anthony Bragalia’s articles claiming that physical evidence indicated that the Socorro sighting was a hoax. That omission rather implies that the content of the Project Bluebook documentation is not as well known as I had assumed, even in relation to the classic cases. The Project Bluebook documents also include various documents relating to other classic cases which could supplement the previous discussions on ATS and elsewhere. A surprising amount of material can be found in relation to analysis of photographs and film footage of UFOs. For example, jkrog08’s thread: The 1952 Tremonton, Utah UFO Fleet discusses the Tremonton, Utah incident which occurred on 2 July 1952, involving film taken during a sighting by US Navy Warrant Officer Delbert C Newhouse. The Tremonton film was one of two motion pictures of UFO sightings considered by the Robertson Panel, organized by the CIA, in January 1953. References to 64 books containing discussion of this incident are included in the relevant table of references on an early draft of my website. The relevant footage is shown below: The memo below from the Project Bluebook files refers to the movie as “possibly the best documentary evidence yet obtained on unidentified flying objects”. This memo is forms a small part of a fairly extensive set of documents relating to this movie:
The well known sighting on 7 January 1948, during which Captain Thomas F Mantell Jr (Air National Guard F-51 Mustang fighter pilot) died during an attempted intercept near Godman Air Force Base (near Fort Knox), Kentucky has been discussed in jkrog08’s thread: The Mantell UFO Incident. References to about 179 books containing discussion of this incident are included in the relevant table of references on an early draft of my website. The Project Bluebook file on relating to this incident starts at the link below:|9669879 and includes numerous documents and photos, such as the one below:
I could go on and on, but the point here is simply to highlight the resource (and the challenge in Section 7) below) rather than attempt to outline the entire content of the files.

Section 5: The UFO documentation on is not limited to witness reports

While the bulk of the Project Bluebook documentation on is dominated by material dealing with individual sightings (including sighting reports and case files relating to those sightings), that documentation also includes material evaluating and the UFO phenomenon as a whole, statistical analyses, project reports, press releases and numerous other documents. The material even extends to a review of a movie about UFOs and the script for one infamous documentary – the Armstrong Circle Theatre show in which Keyhoe was cut off because he departed from that script.
A small sample of those other documents are indicated below. The Project Sign Report from February 1949 begins at the link below: The introduction is shown below:
The considerably longer Project Grudge Report from August 1949 begins at the link below:|11885542 A couple of pages of the Project Grudge report are shown below:
Any mathematicians and statisticians are likely to be particularly challenged by Project Bluebook Special Report No. 14 (dated 5 May 1955), entitled “Analysis of Reports of Unidentified Aerial Objects” and based on studies by the Battelle Memorial Institute. That report is frequently discussed by Stan Friedman (e.g. in the video below). Project Bluebook Special Report No. 14 begins at the link below:|11884638 A few pages of the Project Bluebook Special Report No. 14 are shown below:
An interesting 57 page booklet entitled “Aids to Identification of Flying Object” (1957) begins at the link below:|11884055 A few pages of the “Aids to Identification of Flying Object” booklet are shown below:
The Project Bluebook files also include various documents relating to numerous explanations that have been offered for UFO reports, including ball lightening and unusual aircraft. For example, the files include a small file entitled “AVRO Car”. That file begins at the link below: A couple of pages from the AVRO Car folder are shown below:
Such documents may not contain any massive revelation, but some of us find them interesting since they contain: (a) reports of incidents that have not been seen by the public before, (b) some additional information on known sightings, (c) an insight into how government works (or doesn't work) when dealing with unusual problems. Each of these items, particularly Item (c), may have nothing whatsoever to do with aliens...

Section 6 : There are significant gaps in Air Force FOIA documentation available on its website and via other official websites

One of the reasons for wanting to make it easier to review the documentation which has been released online relating to Project Bluebook and other US Air Force projects is to make it easier to identify material which HAS NOT been released online.  A fairly preliminary consideration of the material which is online on the Air Force website, the National Archives website and indicates some of those gaps.  This is not the place to discuss those gaps in any detail (particularly since identifying gaps could be done much more easily once the challenge in Section 7) below is met), but obvious ones include:  (1) Documents released by the Air Force in other FOIA releases;  (2) Documents mentioned within the documents which are available online;  (3) Documents which must exist (or have existed) in relation to the creation of the documents available online;  (4) Documents mentioned by those involved in the relevant projects.  This topic may be worth revisiting in more detail once the challenge in Section 7) below is met. 

Section 7 : The Challenge : Efficient Downloading?

Section 8 : Guides to the documentation?

Sightings can be found within the archive by searching (although the search function is far from perfect, possibly because of the poor quality of some of the documents that have been scanned and the redactions from the documents) or by browsing. The documents can be browsed by selecting a year, then a month, and finally a location, as shown in the sample screenshots below:
Documents which do not relate to any specific sighting tend to have “Blank” in the location column, so the more general reviews and reports appear on either in with a blank year, blank month and blank location or with their year and/or month but blank location. Due to the mass of documentation available, I thought it worth mentioning some of the guides available to the Project Bluebook files (and invite members to add links to some of that documentation). As many members will be aware, quite a few UFO books discuss Project Bluebook and some of the documentation which it generated. Particularly illuminating (although far from uncontroversial) are books by those involved in the Project. The best known such book is by Ruppelt, the text of which is available free on various websites, including the invaluable NICAP website (run by Francis Ridge). See: (I’d recommend reading that book to those that have not yet done so. It’s free and has been used over the years as a source by many, many UFO authors (often without them giving credit to Ruppelt). For those that would prefer just to listen to a relevant discussion, Ruppelt is discussed by Colin Bennett in the interview below.) Although not as well known or influential, another member of Project Bluebook (Hector Quintanilla) also wrote an unpublished manuscript (entitlted “UFOs, An Air Force Dilemma”) which is also available online: Several other UFO books have focused on the content of the Project Bluebook documents, including a book by Brad Steiger entitled “Project Blue Book” (which largely comprises extracts from the relevant documents) and a more analytical and critical book by Kevin Randle entitled “Project Bluebook Exposed”, which contends that Ruppelt’s account of Project Bluebook was misleading. A few researchers have concentrated on the sightings within the Bluebook files which were either labelled by the Air Force as unidentified or are considered by the relevant researcher to be unidentified. See, in particular, the guides by Don Berliner and Brad Sparks at the respective links below: Berliner: Part 1 Sparks: 
Looking at documents on the website can be frustrating experience.  The speed at which documents appear on the screen, and (even more so) can be downloaded to read off-line, varies greatly from document to document and day to day. On one or two occasions, I have given up looking into issues due to pages repeatedly appearing very slowly or with patches of text missing.  Due to these problems (and the risk that may decide to stop supplying these documents at some point), I think it is highly desirable to download the ENTIRE relevant collection.  I have not been able to identify an efficient way of achieving that goal.  Calling up each image and downloading it in turn would not be practicable.  So, the challenge to members of ATS is : Can you find an efficient way to download the entire free collection of over 125,000 documents?  I am aware of some download management tools (such as Flashget) available for Firefox and other browsers which can assist in downloading all the files of a certain type (e.g. all the jpeg images) on a webpage, but have had difficulty in using those tools to make any real inroads on downloading the entire collection of Project Bluebook documents.  Some of the problems that I’ve encountered are that:  (1) it seems to be much easier to find ways just to download jpeg thumbnails which are available for each image, with URL beginning “”, such as the link below:  However, these thumbnails are too small to be very useful for research. It would be much better to be able to efficiently download the full images, without having to select the download option on each individual page.  (2) While it may be possible to use a script or tool to download a list of URLs and then use a script or tool to generate a list of URLs with consecutive numbers, the URLs for consecutive images on are not necessarily numbered consecutively. For example, image /#9668013 is followed by /#9668016 which is in turn /#9668018.  Basically, this sort of issue is beyond my technical abilities.  I know that there are quite a few technically minded members of ATS, so I would be very grateful for any thoughts or links to tools which would make downloading the entire collection efficient…  It would also be highly desirable to download the documents in a way which retained as much of the data associated with the images as possible, e.g. that image #9668033 is page 21 within the Project Bluebook/[Blank]/[Blank]/[Blank] directory. This would be useful when seeking to find an unredacted copy of the document (if available) on the under-appreciated non-governmental Bluebook Archive website mentioned above.  The National Archives guide to the Project Bluebook files is available on the website at the link below:  Personally, the documents I have found most interesting have generally been within the “Administrative” Files. I have included below the part of the National Archives guide relating to the Administrative Files, supplemented with URLs I have noted to some of the relevant documents. Most of these documents do not relate to any specific location and, as noted above, tend to be filed either under blank year, blank month and blank location or under the relevant year (and month, if known) with blank location.  It should generally, therefore, be relatively easy to fill in the gaps where I have not currently mentioned a URL. Finding the links that I have included so far did not take a great deal of time, particularly after I noticed the system used as outlined in the paragraph above.  Roll 85 Project (Administrative) Files  Administrative Files: Box 1  Technical Report, “Unidentified Aerial Objects, Project SIGN, “Feb. 1949: 74  pp.  Technical Report, “Unidentified Flying Objects, Project GRUDGE,” Aug.  1949: 408 pp.|11885542  Final Report, Project TWINKLE, 27 No. 1951: 25 pp.  Status Reports and Special Reports, GRUDGE – BLUE BOOK  Report 1: 33 pp.  Report 2: 29 pp.  Report 3: 11 pp.  Report 4: 19 pp.  Report 5: 17 pp.  Report 6: 20 pp.  Report 7: 28 pp.  Report 8: 40 pp.  Report 9: 46 pp.  Report 10: 81 pp.  Report 11: 34 pp.  Report 12: 35 pp.  Roll 86 Administrative Files: Box 2  Staff Study – 1952 (Capt. Ruppelt): 49 pp.  AISS folder (Miscellaneous dates); 58 pp.  AFCIN Plan on UFO’s (May 1957 – Feb. 1958): 11 pp.  Staff Study, Dec. 1958: 36 pp.  FTD UFO Panel (1959-1960):25 pp.  Review of Motion Picture “Unidentified Flying Objects” (1960): 17 pp. plus  newspaper clippings  Staff Study, 28 Sept. 1959: 58 pp.  Proposed Transfer to SAFOI (Dec. 1959 – April 1960): 20 pp.  Proposed Transfer to ARDC (Feb. 1960 – April 1962): 15 pp.  Deputy Director File, Jan. 1961: 39 pp.  Untitled folder containing copies of Air Force Regulation 80 -17 with Revisions  (1966-1968): 11 pp.  Summary to Project BLUE BOOK (Jan. 1956): 3 pp.  First Status Report: Project STORK (Preliminary Work for Special Report #14)  April 25, 1953: 102 pp.  Special Report No. 14 (May 5, 1955): 315 pp.|11884638  Correspondence and miscellaneous file relating to Special Report No. 14: 54  pp.  Administrative Files: Box 3  Dr. Fitts’ Reports (April 1949): 17 pp.  USAFE “Aids to Identification of Flying Object” (1957): 57 pp.|11884055  Untitled folder of photographs, containing about 50-60 photos, mostly of USAF  personnel, with many duplicates  Advisory Panel on the Scientific Use of Balloons Meeting, 15 No. 1965: 78 pp.  Sub-Committee Hearing, March 1966 (USAF SAT): 40 pp.  SAT and Recommendations, 1966: 31 pp.  USAF Test Group: UFO Material, 19 Sept. 19  Foreign Technology Division: “Soviet Effort to Contact Extraterrestrial Life,”  3 Feb. 1967: 67 pp.  87 Project BLUE BOOK (USAF SAT, 3 Feb. 1966): 137 pp.  Administrative Files: Box 4  ANTIC UFO Briefing 1 April 1952: 44 pp.  Press Conference – Gen. Sanford 1952: 42 pp.  Capt. Ruppelt ADC Briefing 24 Jan. 1953: 29 pp.  Standard BLUE BOOK Briefing 9 Feb. 1953: 18 pp.  Indoctrination D/T Representatives, 18-19 Feb. 1957: 2 pp.  McClellan Sub-Committee Hearings, Feb.–Mar. 1958: 4 pp.  20 June 1958 Briefing, Representative Henderson: 16 pp.  8 Aug. 1958 McCormack Sub-Committee Briefing: 30 pp.  Proposed Hearing 1961 (Including Mr. Hine’s Visit): 17 pp.  11-15 July 1960: Congressional Briefings (Mr. R. Smart): 21 pp.  Eglin AFB Briefing by Dr. Hynek (27 April 1960): 39 pp.  Briefing AFIT by Lt. Col. Friend, 9 Feb. 1961: 6 pp.  UFO Briefing – Troy, OH, 14 March 1961: 6 pp.  UFO Briefing, 29 Oct. 1962 – 30 Jan. 1963: 40 pp.  FTD Correspondence Folder, 10 July – 1 Aug. 1962: 27 pp.  The UFO Program to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, 22 April  1967: 21 pp.  Briefing 7 July 1967 to Gen. Garland: 24 pp.  August 1952 Air Intelligence Digest Article (Ruppelt): 34 pp.  AVRO Car Folder: 8 pp.  UFO Policy Meeting, Feb. 1959: 27 pp. (Note: All materials this folder  marked “For Official Use Only”).  ATI School Training Lecture, “The UFO Program” (1957): 54 pp.  Armstrong Circle Theater, “UFO: Enigma of the Skies.” Broadcast of 22 Jan.  1958: 78 pp.  Col. Tacker Radio Interview, Dec. 1960, on “Washington Viewpoint”: 13 pp.  Committee on Science and Astronautics (1961): 150 pp. publications @ 2 pp.  per reproduction; 6 pp. other material  Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service: “Facts About UFO’s” 5  May 1966: 48 pp.  D.O.D. News Release and Fact Sheet (1952-1966): 185 pp.  Roll 88 Inspector General, USAF Office of Special Investigations (OSI)  Roll 92  Overseas Commands, 1949-68  Alaskan Air Command  Caribbean Command  Far East Air Forces  USAF in Europe  Military Air Transport Service  Newfoundland Base Command 

Section 9 : Conclusion

Many of you will have noticed that a lot of nonsense is written about UFOs. Some of that nonsense is repeated time after time after time. Once an inaccuracy (or complete fabrication) has entered into the UFO literature – particularly online – it keeps circulating for years. Many current UFO websites simply cut and paste material that someone else has written. Indeed, in the UFO and SETI books I’ve read (which number over 1,000) much of the material can be identified as coming originating with a fairly small number of researchers. So, if one of those books gave a wrong or incomplete account of a UFO sighting then the incompleteness and errors can get reinforced by repetition in numerous subsequent books. Given the increasing ease of access of primary material (i.e. online copies of original UFO reports, online copies of original investigative case files, online copies of the full text of relevant press articles etc etc), it is not unreasonable to expect the quality of UFO literature to have improved in recent years. Unfortunately, in my experience that does not seem to have been the case. Making significant sources of primary material even easier to access should help improve the situation. I have outlined in Section 7 a challenge which may help address this situation.

Section 10 : References

After reading approximately 1,000 UFO books, I have gathered fairly long list of references to discussion of some of the documents and incidents mentioned above. Rather than include long list of references here, I will simply include a few links below to pages on an early draft of my website which have tables containing those references for those interested in finding discussions in UFO books of some of the material mentioned above. Some tables have hundreds of references. Those tables can be sorted by sorted by author, date and length of discussion by clicking on the relevant word in the top line of the table, making them more useful than merely cutting and pasting the relevant text here. Incidents: Socorro incident: Tremonton film: Mantell incident: Documents CIA : Robertson Panel report: Project Sign Report: Project Grudge Report: Project Bluebook Special Report Number 14: Personalities Edward Ruppelt: Hector Quintanilla: 

Section 11 : Postscript

 Download UK MoD UFO Files Here!

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