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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/2011 - Boeing’s Millennium Falcon Floats Using Nazi Technology

Boeing is working on a new flat plane that would be able to take off and land vertically using dozens of new pulse jets they call Pulse-Ejector-Thrust-Augmentors. Of course, these things were originally created by Nazis.

While a primitive working pulse jet was patented by Russian engineer V.V. Karavodin, it was German engineers Georg Madelung and Paul Schmidt who actually made the first efficient design, which was apt for flying.
The design was adopted by Goering’s Luftwaffe for the V-1 bombs that terrorized England during WW2. Fortunately, their bloody Buzz Bomb’s engine was inefficient, noisy, prone to failure and had a very low life expectancy—not to mention that they were slow enough to be shot down by British interceptors—unlike the ballistic rocket-based V-2 created by another Nazi, the father of the Saturn rocket Wernher von Braun.
Boeing claims that their PETA technology doesn’t have any of the inconveniences of Madelung and Schmidt’s design. The design seems so solid that the Pentagon is actually contemplating the possibility of using them to build a large flat VTOL aircraft capable of transporting tanks and troops with ease. A prototype may soon see the light of day.

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