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Monday, July 25, 2011

7/25/2011 - The Norway Bombing - Facts of the Conspiracy

When I first heard about the Norway Bomb on the radio and the words al Qaeda in the same sentence I automatically thought there was more to this than meets the eye. Now it appears that the MSM have dropped the al Qaeda and opted for the word Palestine, this all seems a little too much of a coincidence to me so I started listing a few discrepancies that should be listed as the story of events unfold 

Please see below my current list of how and why this could be a conspiracy. 

1. The bombing took place at the time that Rupert Murdoch was being questioned about his illegal phone tampering connections. The newspapers (ironically) were plastering him all over the front pages and the heat was turned up, recognized people were starting to ask questions and getting involved. 

2. The radio stations and other media outlets connected the dots to al Quaeda before the facts were given. 

3. The late night interviews with Norwegian officials were quoted as saying that 'he acted outside any group despite the interviewer trying to lead him to the al quaeda line,' first of all how did they know this? and second of all why were the media so transfixed on al qaeda before the facts were given? still after the officials said he acted alone they tried to connect the bombing to radical muslims. 

4. The Norwegian authorities arrived more than 1 hour after the shots were reported 

5. The norwegian authorities took a sinking boat to the island instead of a helicopter which would have been quicker 

6. Eye witnesses have said that there were 2 shooters on the island yet the MSM is plastering 'lone gunman' all over the tabloids 

7. The stepbrother of the crowns princess was on the island and 'tragically' was shot 

8. The 'lone gunman' Anders Breivik was a mason 

9. Officials in Norway keep on changing the story in regards to the timings of events especially the events to the shooting on the island 

10. There does not seem to be any mention of how he was arrested ? 

11. Norway released statements prior to the bombing saying that they will not be forced to fight in Libya and will not be threatened by any terrorism 

12. The 'lone gunman' bought 6 tonnes of fertiliser and no questions were raised 

13. 87 people were shot on the island according to the MSM there is no mention of what gun he was using and because of the changing time lines from the officials verification cannot take place as to how long it took to shoot all 87 people. 

14. There were no police on the island even though a political rally was going to take place the next day? 

15. Norwegian police officers brought in sniffer dogs days before to check for bombs 

16.Norwegian police were training for an incident like this prior to the event 

17. The bombing took place at a time where peoples opinions on bailing out Greece were changing and people were starting to ask questions. 

18. Norwegian officials said that the bomb came from underground and not from a car however, the MSM are still reporting that the bomb came from a car. 

19. Norway supports full palestinian statehood set to be voted on in September 

20. Norway had decided to pull its support for the bombardment of Libya and withdraw completely from NATO operations by august 1st 

21. Norway had made progress to freeze $42 million dollars that they had put in for the greece bailout fund which could have tarnished relations with the Anglo American establishment. 

22. Norway is not a member of the European Union 

23. The trial for this 'lone gunman' will take place in private and the cameras will not be allowed in. 

24. Authorities have said that the trial could last as long as a year. 

Whether or not this was a planned attack by multiple persons or a lone nut, the govt knew about it. We have so much spy technology that it is almost impossible to not know when something is going to happen. We see these same patterns over and over. The govt conducting safety training for the exact same scenario that happens. Bomb sniffing dogs before the event occured? Unless having bomb sniffing dogs at the building on a regular basis, that has to mean that the govt knew about it or they were in on it.

There is something very strange with the Utoya killing timeline

The bomb in Oslo went off at local time 15:20 Friday, 22. July 2011; this is a fact caught by cameras and witnesses.

The police first claimed that the first emergency calls from Utøya came at 17:02, this has now been officially changed to 17:27.

The killer drove from Oslo *before* the bomb exploded, so eye witnesses and the police has said.

The drive from Akersgata to Utøya is 34 minutes according to Google Maps or a 39 minutes according to Gule Sider Maps (a Norwegian map provider).

So if the killer drove at, lets say 15:15 then he should have arrived at Utoya at the latest 15:54. As I understand from witnesses the ferry was already at port when the killer arrived and he wanted to pass over to allegedly secure the island immediately.

The ferry port is about 300-500 meters from the island port, so lets say a 5-10 minutes ride, he should have been there at the latest 16:04 local time.

According to witnesses a women in her 40's which travelled the ferry with him had suspicions and went straight up and fetched the local guard(the only guard on the island), they were the two first killed. From pictures the house she fetched the guard from is about 50-100 meters from the Utøya port, this means they were killed at about 16:10.

There were about 650 people on the island, everyone in Norway have a mobile phone (we are rich and even kids 7-9 get phones now), and witnesses say they called the police when the shootings started, many have claimed this in interviews.

So my question is then, how can the police then say that the first phone call for help came at 17:27, 1 hour 17 minutes after the killer after my calculations is supposed to have killed his first two victims? If he did not show up at Utoya before 17:27, then what did he do in the missing 1 hour 17 minutes?

The killer hints in his manifesto that the bomb in Oslo was a decoy to get as much undisturbed time at Utoya, his real target, as possible, so then why on Earth would he stop for anything for 1 hour 17 minutes before showing up there?

This is very strange indeed.

As I today watch norwegian tv and read norwegian press, I cannot anywhere see a discussion of a second shooter. That considering the several witness reports from yesterday pointing at that fact.  

It is almost as an official curtain of a lone gunman version is now ready to be spoon fed to the public and every one required to swallow without a single question?  

On another point what I found almost ridiculous, is the interview with the Oslo police chief who when asked why no heli was sent out with a swat team to save the youths (they used a leaking boat!!!) replied "We only had ONE helicopter and because it was filled with lots of equipment, we had to use other slower means." 

Later he changed his answer to; " It was too small for our SWAT team so we had to use a car and a small boat to reach the island." You cant make this stuff up. It is like watching a horror movie turning into some perverted dark comedy. 

So lets see of the worlds richest countries, with many Lynx and Bell helicopters, several dozens F16:s and with more oil and gas than man can dream of, couldn´t afford a couple of rapid SWAT helicopters? Errr...yeaahh right. Did some strange budget restrictions prohibit more than a single police helicopter? 

Stephen Lendman wrote today; " Yesterday on Russia Today television, viewers were told to be wary of official accounts, especially early ones later proved false. Red flags were also mentioned, notably when accusations are made quickly, naming names, followed by arrests. Police work takes time. Often weeks or months are needed to solve crimes. In fact, many end up unsolved in closed case files. Quick conclusions should make everyone wary."

It seems the scene is set, the crazed murderer who massacred over 80 kids with dumdum bullets is caught, the press is right now outside the oslo court, the decision date of trial to be made. And when this "oswald" monster is dragged away the required catharsis will be done and there will be no more questions. Case closed. Another NWO black op mission accomplished. The main culprits and elite that nearly were eviscerated by the british and american press last week saved. Did I miss something?


According to the timeline of Dagbladet, one of Norways leading tabloid magazines, the killer started shooting at Utoya 17:08 !

The police official story is now that:

5:27 p.m.: A local police station, situated near Utoya, is alerted. 

, thats 19 minutes discrepancy from when the probably kids started to phone in. As stated in this article the mobile phone network was fully operational during the terror attacks, so the kids must have gotten through to the police and emergency services.

Also, the killer should have arrived at Utoya at 16:04, so that is 1 hour 4 minutes that is unaccounted for him. Today the killer according to the newspapers said he was delayed, but no reason on exactly why he was delayed. 

After the first emergency call from the island 5:27 , the first LOCAL police arrived at the island at 6:09, which is 42 minutes.

While 42 minutes could still be somewhat acceptable, it looks they did not do anything when that first unit arrived.

There was a helicopter over the island (which i assume was with that first local unit), but they only used the helicopter for "observation". Basically doing nothing!

When the "special unit" arrived they had problems with a boat engine, taking another at least 10 minutes since they needed another boat!

As it looks, the actual special unit arrived on the island a whopping ONE HOUR after the first emergency call.

We know that the killer took 60 mins - 90 mins time on the island to calmly shoot the people...this means he spent a considerable time killing after the police was already alerted...and in particular there was a time (approx 20 mins) when local police were already there but obviously did not do anything since they are waiting for the other unit while they had a copter "observing" the terrain. (While he happily continued killing, probably dozens and dozens while there were already units in the area) 


Also please note this did not happen in some remote area, 500 mls of any civilization, but 20 driving mins west of Oslo which is their main capital. 

People are not getting that this could be another faked event.
The timeline, lack of response, poor quality video, photoshopped psycho killer etc. ect.
We live in an age of Media Fakery and this reeks of media fakery.
This should be the First possibility people investigate, in this day and age.
Time to snap out of it!

Oslo+Utoya Media Fakery

Ferri schedule to Utoya are three times a day every day: 0915, 1145 and to schedule 

In norwegian it sais: 
Ferja over til fastlandet har tre faste avganger hver dag: 0915, 1145 og 1545. Overfarten går ganske kjapt, så den drar fra fastlandet igjen omtrent 5 minutter etter at den dro fra øya. 

Which means: the ferry goes 3 times a day (se hours above). The transit is very swift. 5 minutes. 

Now you have something not even VG or dagbladet has not mentioned. If he is supposed to have crossed over later he can only have stolen a boat which he didnt.

that means the last ferry left 1t 15:45-15:50 according to its time table, It is true that the media claims he used this ferry, but how can it be possible when there was no later ferry crossing after 15:50? According to the timeline in the media he came to the island at 17:07 and started shooting at 17:08. There is mismatch of 1 hour 17 minutes here. There was no ferry at the port when he arrived as the last ferry left at 15:50 according to the ferry time schedule.

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